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29 May
Discovering Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Often referred to as the “Gateway to the North,” Prince Albert is home to exceptional natural beauty with a growing arts and culture scene. As your local self storage experts, let us guide you through the community. We’re dedicated to providing the businesses and residents of Prince Albert with friendly service and clean and secure...

25 May
man holding Mini Mall Storage moving boxes for self storage
Downsizing and Organizing Your Garage

Summer is here and that means it’s time to drag all the garden supplies, sporting equipment, camping gear, and tools out of your garage for regular use again. Getting everything sorted can feel like a herculean task, but your friendly neighborhood self storage experts at Mini Mall Storage are here to help! Whether you’re looking...

23 May
woman sorting items into keep donate and discard boxes
Downsizing Your Apartment 

Reducing the size of your apartment can be a daunting task, especially when you are accustomed to living in a larger space. However, it is a wise decision that can simplify your life, save you money, and reduce your carbon footprint.   If you are looking to downsize, whether you are moving to a smaller place...

18 May
Mini Mall Storage New Orleans
New Orleans, LA: Exploring the Big Easy  

A city full of vibrant colors, tastes, and people, New Orleans has it all! While it might be what we’re known for, Mardi Gras is only a small part of what makes NOLA so special. Mini Mall Storage is proud to be part of the New Orleans community, so for those looking to visit or...

03 May
Self Storage Chattanooga Tennessee
Discovering Chattanooga: Tennessee’s Hidden Gem 

Welcome to beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee! A place full of joy, with lots to see and do. Experience a mix of community, history, and leisure that will make you want to move to the city.  We love being in Chattanooga! Being local and being part of the communities we serve helps us understand your unique storage...

27 Apr
Around Town in Barrhaven, Ontario 

  Welcome to Barrhaven, Ontario. The small farming community transformed into a bustling suburban district with great potential. Located in the southwest corner of Ottawa, Barrhaven offers a mix of modern essentials and natural Canadian beauty. Whether you’re new to the area or assigned to the welcome committee, we’re happy to rub shoulders with you. ...

20 Apr
Come Home to Airdrie, Alberta 

From humble dirt roads to an impressive community centre, it’s no surprise that many cow-towners are migrating North to the growing city of Airdrie. What once offered small-town vibes and a break from the busyness of Calgary now provides all of the shopping, amenities, opportunities, and character you’d expect from an established hub.     The...

14 Apr
Mini Mall Storage in Dahlonega, GA
Moving to Dahlonega | A Guide 

    Moving to Dahlonega? Experience a no-sweat transition with our storage experts, who offer exceptional service and conveniently located facilities. We help you transform your space and fall in love with your new home. Ready to reserve a storage unit in Dahlonega? Visit our site to rent online or give us a call!  ...

13 Apr
Mini Mall Storage in Opelika, AL
Sweet Home Opelika, Alabama

If you’re looking for a place with personality and charisma, look no further than Opelika, Alabama! It may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of exciting destinations, but trust us, this quirky little town is a hidden gem just waiting to be explored.   From its charming downtown to its...

13 Mar
Mini Mall Storage in Jasper, GA
More Reasons to Move to Jasper, Georgia

Nicknamed “The First Mountain City” for being located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Jasper is a place where you can actually get to know your neighbors. With a small population—we’re talking under ten thousand people—you can expect a slower pace and a mountain-esque atmosphere while being close to the busyness of Atlanta.   ...

10 Mar
Getting Ahead with Tech - Self Storage
Getting Ahead with Tech

Every day, our world is becoming more advanced with new and improved technology. Major sectors like media and medicine are almost unrecognizable from years past, and the storage industry is no different. While different innovation has opened opportunities to make our lives faster and more dynamic, we proactively adopt technology to improve your self-storage experience...

04 Mar
Mini Mall Storage 5 Ds of self storage
The Five D’s of Storage Needs

If you ever need a storage unit or are unfamiliar with what brings folks our way, we see people from all walks of life and personal transitions that are often known as the Five D’s of self-storage: Downsizing, Disaster, Death, Divorce, and Displacement. But we like to look at things differently. Many self storage needs...

03 Mar
Maple Ridge, BC self storage
Moving to Maple Ridge? Make it a Stress-Free and Seamless Experience with Storage! 

Relocating can be stressful enough, so your storage solution shouldn’t be. If you’re relocating to Maple Ridge, we make it easy to find the space you need for your outdoor equipment, extra inventory, and other personal belongings! Our storage experts offer exceptional online service to support our storage facilities that are conveniently located just off...

02 Feb
Relocating to Hot Springs, Arkansas? Make Your Move Stress-free with Reliable Storage 

Are you moving to Hot Springs? Let our storage experts help ease the transition with our conveniently located storage facilities. We make it simple to store your belongings and get situated quickly so you can spend your time exploring instead.   Whether you’re staying temporarily or a long time, Hot Springs, Arkansas, offers beauty, history, and...

19 Sep
preparing a boat to be placed in a storage unit

We’re well into September and the summer is pretty much officially over, and if you own a boat, that means getting it ready for cold-weather storage.   There are a few essential steps to keeping your boat seaworthy over the winter. It’s not as simple as hauling it out of the water and throwing a tarp...

13 Sep
preparing furniture to store in a storage unit
Storing Furniture: What You Need to Know

— July 13th, 2021 That desk you love but have no room for can still be in your life again, if you give it a safe home in your self storage unit. So can your favourite chair, which needs to move out while you renovate your living room. They can even stay in an unheated...

20 Aug
Lake Charles, LA self storage
Planning to live in Lake Charles? Make Your Move Effortless with Self-Storage 

If you’re thinking of moving to Lake Charles, our team of self storage experts would love to welcome you to the community! Let us ease your transition with a simple online experience and secure, convenient location.   Located near the Gulf of Mexico, Lake Charles is a city in southwest Louisiana with plenty of charm. Whether...

18 Aug
7 Road Trip Essentials for a Trip to Remember 

Some prefer a beach vacation basking in the sun. Others travel across the globe in search of marvels and wonders. But really all you need is four wheels and an ambition to explore where you live. Now that’s real adventure.  Before you pack up the car or camper with road trip essentials, plan one step...

09 Aug
business document self storage
Where to Find Business Document Storage at a Low-Cost

When your office space is running out of room for your tax, payroll, and other business paperwork you must seek out an alternative storage option. However, there are legal requirements to consider when choosing where and what to store. Many specialized document storage services organize everything for you, but also come with a costly fee....

01 Aug
5 Reasons to Move to Loganville, GA

Are you thinking about moving to Loganville, Georgia? Nestled between Athens and Atlanta, this small town brings the best of both worlds to this captivating city! Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant urban atmosphere and savor the traditional southern charm without the busyness of a central hub. Plus, it might take the cake...

15 Jul
storing pharmaceuticals in a storage unit
Can You Use Self-Storage for Pharmaceutical Products? 

Many pharmaceutical product representatives use costly, contracted services for storing drugs and other medical supplies. But there are other low-cost alternatives to store medical products in controlled environments.  Can you use self storage for pharmaceutical products? Yes! Self-storage meets the legal requirements of Health Canada and the FDA for storing drugs and other medical supplies.  ...

12 Jul
preparing a parent to move and using a storage unit
How to Make Moving a Parent That Much Easier 

Moving a parent is never easy.  Before you even experience the stress of the move, there’s reluctance and resistance. There’s a niggling feeling that you’re not doing the right thing. And there’s also a lifetime of belongings to sort.   Overwhelming doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.  We’re here to tell you, moving a parent...

09 Jul
Mini Mall Storage St. Albert Self Storage
Making a Move to St. Albert? We’ve got your extra stuff covered!

If you’re considering relocating to Alberta, our storage specialists can help you start your adventure off right with safe, affordable, and conveniently located self storage. With outstanding service and strategically placed storage facilities, our goal is to help you create more space in your St. Albert home or business.   Located just northwest of Edmonton,...

06 Jul
A beautiful beachside condo, attainable through downsizing and a changing lifestyle.
Downsizing Your Home: What You Should Know 

Downsizing your home can improve your life in many ways.  Imagine a smaller space to maintain. Imagine evening walks along the beach. Imagine more money in your account and greater financial security.  Perhaps you’re finally ready to stop avoiding the move. It’s time to downsize.  Where do you even start with downsizing? In this article,...

09 Jun
pros and cons of moving house and using a storage unit
Pros and Cons of Moving House 

Moving? Buying? Selling a home? It’s exhausting and emotional, true. And when moving day comes, it’s never easy.   But, if you weigh up the pros and cons of moving house, you’ll make your decision to move with confidence.   The advantages and disadvantages of moving home are different for everyone. But we can introduce a few...

27 May
Moving to Greencastle? Ease Your Transition with Convenient Storage

If you’re relocating to Greencastle, we’re here to help! Let our storage experts make your move seamless with our conveniently located storage facility. We make it easy to organize your space and settle in quickly so you can #lovewhereyoulive. As a city known to be relaxed, affordable, and fun, Greencastle, Indiana has a lot to...

09 May
a person organizing their home and using self storage
4 Books to Inspire Home Organization with Foreign Concepts

Organizing your space takes time and patience. But it’s often hard to know where to begin.   We have a little secret: Inspiration can get you started. And we know just where to find it.   Where? It’s all in the good books. Forget articles on organization tips and look to the true published experts for decluttering...

06 Apr
CDs and DVDs being prepared for self storage
How to Pack and Store DVDs and Discs Long-Term

In an age of streaming, live service, and hard drives, holding physical media in your hands does a few things for the mind. Nostalgia. Read the blurb, admire the artwork, and pop in the disc. But imagine getting a ‘disc cannot be read’ error after you’ve built up excitement. For you film, videogame, or music...

01 Mar
preparing vinyl records for storage
How to Pack and Store Vinyl Records in 6 Steps 

If you’ve been a collector for several years, one thing’s for sure. Vinyl records take up a lot of space.   However, if your time has come to pack and store your LPs, there are a few things you should consider when storing vinyl records.    Storing Vinyl Records Checklist:    Although vinyl is arguably the...

08 Dec
A Mini Mall Storage facility with doors painted in brand color, orange.
How Do Storage Units Work?

In most households, storage will be an issue at one time or another. Either you run out of space, the space you do have is poorly organized, or you have way too much stuff crammed into it. This goes for homes, apartments, condos, townhouses, even small businesses. But unless you’ve used a storage unit before...

06 Dec
Moving to Calgary? We’re here to help with Storage!

Calgary, Alberta, is an exciting destination for newcomers to Canada, relocators, returning-to-hometowners, and pretty much anyone in between.   Moving to Calgary? Experience a no-sweat transition with our storage experts, who offer exceptional service and conveniently located self storage facilities. We help you transform your space and fall in love with your new home.  ...

01 Dec
self storage in the United States
MMSP Expands Operations to the U.S.

Mini Mall Storage Properties December 1st, 2021 MMSP Expands Operations to the U.S. We are pleased to announce that our Mini Mall Storage Properties Trust (MMSP Trust) will expand into the United States. The expansion is a continuation of the overall plan to position MMSP Trust to acquire self-storage properties in attractive secondary markets across...

11 Nov
storing Christmas decorations
Keep it Merry and Bright: How to Store Your Christmas Decorations

Mini Mall Storage Properties July 13th, 2021 Picture the scene: it’s December, 2021. You can’t wait to put up your tree. The eggnog is ready, the music is cued up, and you’ve been to your storage unit to get all your boxes of stuff.  You’re ready to be festive in short order. But the top...

18 Oct
how to winterize your RV for storage
How to Prepare an RV for Storing Over Winter

The fall season marks the end of outdoor camping activities across Canada. And below-zero temperatures at night are enough for people to pack it in and prepare for a few cozy months indoors.   We know you’d RV all year long if you could, but unfortunately our climate doesn’t make this an easy endeavour.  With chilly...

21 Sep
Mini Mall Storage Properties self storage units
Mini Mall Storage Properties’ Pioneering History with Original Founder Joe Giuffre and Current CEO, Adam Villard

Mini Mall Storage Properties July 13th, 2021 Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Mini Mall Storage Properties reached many significant milestones. During our first year of operations, we acquired 26 properties across Canada while amassing $100 million in assets under management (AUM). As we memorialize our recent successes, current Mini Mall CEO, Adam Villard, takes a trip down memory lane with the original founder and visionary of...

17 Aug
flipping your storage unit for winter
How to Flip Your Storage Unit for Winter

The older we get, the more ‘stuff’ we seem to accumulate. Sure, some of it may be unnecessary, but a lot of it helps us live the lives we want, allowing us to go camping, spend time at the beach, or enjoy our backyards. These items may not be used every day but they allow...

13 Jul
Mini Mall Storage Seasonal Storage
Seasonal Storage

— July 13th, 2021 Free Up Your Living Space: Store Seasonal Items in Your Storage Unit How many times have you told yourself that this year, when you change your tires or pack away your summer clothes, you’ll make sure you have the space? The changing seasons seem to be a natural time to reassess...

13 Jul
small business owner ready to use self storage
Why You Should Organize Your Small Business with a Storage Unit

Mini Mall Storage Properties July 13th, 2021 Running a small business is hard work, no matter what stage of growth you’re at. You have all the same responsibilities of a large business, but with less space, funding and support. It’s not impossible to run a business with cluttered office space or disorganized inventory, but this...

13 Jul
box full of clothes for storage unit
Maximize Your Space by Swapping & Storing These Seasonal Items (using a storage unit)

Mini Mall Storage Properties July 13th, 2021 The sun is shining, the weather is warming, the birds are chirping — what more motivation do you need to start your spring-cleaning process? Every year, we get the urge to purge as the seasons change and we welcome the end of a cold Canadian winter. However as...

13 Jul
Mini Mall Storage renters holding boxes and sharing a storage unit
How to Share a Storage Unit with Family & Friends

Mini Mall Storage Properties July 13th, 2021 If you’re thinking about sharing a storage unit with someone, you’re not alone. This is one of the most common questions we get asked at Mini Mall Storage Properties. Using a storage unit is a great way to free up space at home, but sharing it with another...

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