Storage Tips

Not sure where to begin storing your belongings?? If you’ve never used self-storage before or it’s been a while since you last rented a unit, we make the process simple. From choosing the right space to efficiently stowing your belongings, discover our self-storage tips and tricks below!

Calculate How Much Self-Storage Space You Need

Before you even think about renting a self-storage unit, you should know how much storage space you need. A helpful, knowledgeable Storage Concierge can help you find the right unit at a Mini Mall Storage facility near you. You can also explore our unit size guide and storage calculator to determine how much space you need.

Choose the Right Self-Storage Unit

The type of storage unit you choose depends on your needs. Are you storing wooden furniture, electronics, or paper documents? Choose climate-controlled storage for these and other temperature- and humidity-sensitive belongings. Our climate-controlled units maintain a stable storage environment in any season. Additionally, climate control can help prevent mold in your storage unit by keeping its humidity levels low. We also offer:

Clean Your Belongings Before Storage

To ensure your belongings are still in the same condition as when you moved into your unit, clean them before storing. Wash clothes, vacuum furniture, and wipe down any food-related appliances prior to storing them.

In addition to keeping your belongings fresh, cleaning your belongings before storage can help prevent mice and other pests. If you keep non-perishable food items in your unit, ensure they’re in airtight containers which rodents can’t chew through. Perishable food items should never be stored in your unit.

How to Pack a Self-Storage Unit

Once you’ve chosen the right storage unit and properly prepared your belongings for storage, it’s time to start packing your unit! Each storage experience is unique, so there’s no “one size fits all” answer for packing your storage unit. Storing belongings for a renovation, decluttering project, or move across town will have different storage requirements. However, we have a few general guidelines to help make your unit packing experience easier.

Start Packing Boxes Early

Give yourself enough time to avoid the stress of packing quickly. We recommend treating your unit move-in like you would a regular moving day. Start packing two to- three weeks before your unit rental lease begins. This will help ensure you’re packing efficiently so your storage unit stays organized and your belongings are easily accessible later.

Load Your Vehicle Properly

Whether it’s your personal vehicle or a professional moving truck, it’s key to load your belongings properly for transportation. Load your heavy items first, followed by your mid-sized items, and finally your smallest, such as pillows, magazines, etc. Now your vehicle is full of sturdy stacks of boxes ready for transportation.

Use Dollies and Handcarts

When you’ve transported your belongings to your Mini Mall Storage unit, save time and backaches with our dollies and handcarts. Slide your boxes or heavy belongings onto the dolly or handcart and load your unit simply and efficiently.

Keep Your Items Accessible

While you should pack your items by size and weight, be mindful of the boxes or items you’ll need quick access to. If you have seasonal clothing or documents you need to reach quickly, store them as closely as possible to your unit’s door.

Rent Your Mini Mall Storage Unit Today

From the moment you start packing your first box, up until you finish loading your self-storage unit, Mini Mall Storage strives to provide you with an affordable, convenient self-storage experience. When you’re ready to create more space in your home or business, find a storage facility near you and rent your Mini Mall Storage unit online!