Get to know the 10 x 10 Storage Unit

10 x 10 storage unit

Start by imagining a standard garage, then cut it in half: now we’re talking the 10 x 10! Not too big, not too small, something about Montreal, and ready to house larger items. This popular size unit comes in handy during renovations or modeling when you need your actual garage for on-site storage and materials or for holding items that you use less frequently if you’ve downsized.

What Fits in the 10 x 10 Storage Unit

We don’t like to pick favorites, but the 10 x 10 is up there. With the capacity to hold a king-sized bed, larger bedroom furniture, and oh-so-many boxes, the options for this unit are expansive. If you’re cleaning out an office, there’s room for your desk, chairs, and filing boxes with room to spare. Seasonal items like bicycles, camping gear, and patio furniture? They’re in. This size is ideal for a one-bedroom apartment with loads of possibilities.

We know that your belongings are unique. To get the right unit size with no surprises, try out our Size Calculator. This online tool turns your inventory into tangible numbers to help you better prepare and choose correctly. If you’re a visual person, check out an example unit here.

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