Out of Office: Mini Mall’s Tips for Storing Office Furniture

office furniture being prepared for storage

The work-from-home and home office scene has changed significantly over the past few years, with some folks back in the office and others honing their home aesthetics more permanently. Whether you’re ready for a change like Ross with his infamous sofa (pivot, pivot!) or you’re temporarily trading in your office for a digital nomad lifestyle, storing your office furniture is the real-life equivalent of Tetris—and who doesn’t love a good game of fitting everything just right? 

If you want to spare your garage or living room from becoming overrun with loose-leaf paper and old cabinets, let’s pack away those bulky items without breaking a sweat—or a leg (of a chair).

Office furniture you can store with Mini Mall Storage: desks, chairs, filing cabinets, bookshelves, conference tables, and more

Why Store Your Office Furniture

Too many chairs, too few in-office staff? Making the most of your space extends beyond your home (or home office) and brings peace of mind with a clutter-free setup:

Changing Spaces: Just like your wardrobe, your office setup may need a refresh occasionally. Storing furniture pieces you only need at certain busy times in the year gives you the flexibility to spice up the workspace without the hefty price tag of buying new.

The Office Shuffle: Relocating or remodeling can feel like a boss-level challenge. Storing your furniture protects it from accidental damage and gives you a clutter-free area to work your magic.

Home Office Hustle: As remote work continues to trend, you might find your previously bumpin’ office now silent as a library. Storing extra desks and chairs keeps them out of the way until they’re needed again.

Cost-Effective Storage: Why sell your surplus at a loss only to repurchase later? Mini Mall’s self storage offers a savvy alternative, letting you hold onto assets until they’re back in demand.

Mastering the Art of Furniture Storage

If it seems like no two chairs are the same, let alone can stack neatly, we’ve broken down our tips for safely storing key office furniture to help pack confidently.

Desks: These central pieces deserve careful handling. Remove all attachments and hardware first—think of it as disassembling a puzzle. Wrap the surfaces in moving blankets or bubble wrap to shield them from scratches and dings.

Chairs: Stack chairs seat-to-seat to maximize space without risking damage to their structure. If they’re too bulky (we know they are), disassemble them and keep all the screws and bolts in a labeled bag so reassembling them won’t turn into an escape room challenge.

Filing Cabinets: These can be trickier due to their weight and the confidential nature of their contents. Ensure all documents are securely stored or shredded (no need for a paper chase), then lock the cabinets before wrapping them to avoid any scratches or dents. Be sure to ask for help in lifting, and always bend your knees!

Bookshelves: Oh, the standing testament of organization. Before moving them into storage, remove all items and disassemble the shelves to prevent warping and make transportation easier. Protect the wood or metal surfaces with appropriate covers or wraps to fend off dust and scratches.

Conference Tables: To store a conference table properly, dismantle it if possible, keeping track of all components such as legs and leaves. Use thick blankets or bubble wrap to protect the tabletop from any potential damage. Since these are usually heavy, ensure they are placed in a way that doesn’t stress any single point, ideally flat and elevated slightly off the floor.

Packing the Pieces: When loading your storage unit, think like a chess master: strategize the placement of each piece. Heavier items like filing cabinets should go on the bottom, while lighter, fragile items can be placed on top. Use shelving units to keep things organized and accessible—unless Jenga is the new Tetris.

Your New Workspace

Storing office furniture may seem mundane, but it can be pretty satisfying with a bit of creativity and strategy. Plus, once your oversized items are managed, you can move on to the little things that add up. Check out more tips on using self storage for extra files and paperwork—no more drowning in documents!

Ready to change up your office space? Find self storage near you!

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