Eat The Coast! 7 of the Best Food & Watering Holes in Sechelt, BC 

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Sechelt, BC, is among our favourite little gems along the Sunshine Coast. There’s so much to do—like kayaking, scuba diving, snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain biking, etc. But did you also know that Sechelt has a blossoming food scene with many restaurants featuring local fare like fresh seafood, BC wine, beer and cider, and local produce? It’s true!  

Join Mini Mall Storage for a delicious guide to hanging with the local coasties as you sit on a patio enjoying the beautiful view and indulging in delicious food and drink at some of the town’s best bistros, bakeries, and breweries. Let’s tuck in!  

El Segundo restaurant in Sechelt, BC

  1. El Segundo 
    El Segundo is “dedicated to making food that’s bold, fresh, vibrant, and absolutely delicious.” And we couldn’t be happier that they’re taking those values seriously because their dedication definitely shows in the menu. Don’t judge us if we say, what about el tercero, or el cuarto? More, please, that’s right. Yum.  
Joe's on the Beach in Sechelt, BC
  1. Joe’s on the Beach  
    Gorgeous views, good vibes and delicious food? What more could you ask for? With so many scrumdiddlyumptious seafood options, we have trouble ordering just one! How ‘bout we just get one of everything and then share? Except for the Tuna Crudo Bowl… you’ll have to get your own because it’s on the level of I-could-eat-this-everyday-forever-and-ever fabulous. 
German Corner Bakery and Bistro in Sechelt, BC
  1. German Corner Bakery & Bistro  
    Give us our daily bread. No, seriously…give it to us! And throw in a couple of the Bistro’s famous Copenhageners while you’re at it. Or maybe some fresh pretzels? Or cream-filled donuts? With gluten-free and vegan options, you can get all the carbs you’ve been craving, plus soup, sandwiches and more at this downtown staple.  
Batch 44 Brewery and Kitchen in Sechelt, BC
  1. Batch 44 Brewery & Kitchen  
    According to their website, “Batch 44 is dedicated to bringing a high-quality rotating selection of hand-crafted beers to the Sunshine Coast, one pint at a time,” so you know that means… you might just have to come back again and again until you’ve gone through the entire rotation. And maybe a couple more times after that, just for good measure. They also have a top-notch menu featuring local fair that’s just as good as the beer. Bring me a bib, and call me an Uber! Always remember to imbibe responsibly friends.   
Bricker Cider Company in Sechelt, BC
  1. The Bricker Cider Company 
    Another brewing company that had to make our list is a local treasure, The Bricker Cider Company. Grab a grilled cheese for the kiddos (or yourself, no rules against enjoying a good grilled cheese) and hit up the tap room to sample dry, clean, crisp, locally made ciders that are delicious to the last drop. The Frambo is our fave—made with fresh BC raspberries. Delish! 
Basted Baker in Sechelt, BC
  1. Basted Baker 
    Breakfast and brunch enthusiasts—prepared to be enthused! Basted Baker wants you to “get basted” on their bevy of brekkie options from Eggs Benny, Quiche Royale, Sandwiches, Breakfast Bowls…and… wait for it… a Pastry Bar. <swoons> 
food being served in Sechelt, BC
  1. The Lighthouse Pub 
    With the largest outdoor patio on the Sunshine Coast, The Lighthouse is one you won’t want to miss. Bask in the incredible views of Porpoise Bay while you sip on a local brew from Foamers’ Folly, and nibble on one of their incredible starters like crispy Calamari, Deckhand Prawns, or a plate of Titanic Nachos.  

As you follow the trail of foodie bait laid out by these fine establishments in Sechelt, BC—consider the convenience of self storage. Whether you’re in the midst of a move, downsizing, or simply exploring the coast, storage units in Sechelt offer a secure solution for your belongings until you make your next move. Choose from an array of climate controlled units featuring advanced security features, and unwind knowing your possessions are safe and sound until you’re ready to settle in. Explore storage near you today – rent or reserve online!

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