How to Store Your Boat During Off Season

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We’re well into September and the summer is pretty much officially over, and if you own a boat, that means getting it ready for off season storage.   

There are a few essential steps to keeping your boat seaworthy all year. It’s not as simple as hauling it out of the water and throwing a tarp over it. Your adult floaty needs some TLC before going down for a long winter’s nap. Here are a few tips for keeping your summer toy safe in self storage. 

Take care of the oil, fluids, and engine.  

Storing a boat for months on end is hard on the engine, so make sure you “put it to bed” properly so it’ll fire up when you’re ready to hit the water again in the spring. Experts recommend changing the oil, draining the coolant, disconnecting the battery, and filling the tank with gas. They also recommend spraying the engine with fogging oil to prevent rust. Check your manual or consult a mechanic for information on other additives or maintenance procedures you might need to follow. These steps are crucial for storing your boat during the off season. 

Make sure it’s clean and dry.  

Boat experts recommend you clean your boat with soap and water, inside and out, before you store it. Check with your local bylaws about washing vehicles outside of a car-wash—there may be water-treatment issues you don’t know about and you may need to make sure you wash it somewhere with a drain. Add a coat of wax for extra protection.  

boats in storage

Wrap it up.  

Yes, shrink-wrapping your boat for the winter is a real thing, and there are services that will wrap your boat for you. But if you’re feeling cost-conscious, you can use a boat cover or even a tarp. What’s most important is you protect your boat from the elements, especially if you’re storing it at an outdoor self storage facility.  Many Mini Mall locations offer covered outdoor storage for your boats or other toys.   

Choose a secure location.  

You can store your boat in your driveway—if your homeowner’s association allows it—but choosing a secure self storage facility gives you extra peace of mind. Mini Mall Storage Properties offers round-the-clock security, including secure access, gated property, advanced security cameras, and covered parking spots, so you can park your boat for the off season and know that it’s safe until you’re ready to hit the water again.   

New to self storage? Learn how self storage units work from planning to key benefits self storage can offer you. Mini Mall Storage locations are all across North America, and our expert staff are here to help. 

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Whether you’re looking to store your boat for a couple months or all year, Mini Mall is your best choice for secure self storage! Reserve a unit in a few taps on your device to visit us in-person for a quick and simple experience. Storage, no sweat. 

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