Keep it Merry and Bright: How to Store Your Christmas Decorations

Keep It Merry

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July 13th, 2021

Picture the scene: it’s December, 2021. You can’t wait to put up your tree. The eggnog is ready, the music is cued up, and you’ve been to your storage unit to get all your boxes of stuff.  You’re ready to be festive in short order.

But the top third of your tree is missing.

You rack your brain. Where could it be? It’s not with the other two thirds. You drive back to your storage unit and go through everything. Finally you discover it, in a mislabeled box stuffed in the back corner. Now you’re back on track, but the nog is warm and you’re annoyed.

Like anything in your storage container, your Christmas decorations need to be stored in a way that’s clear and organized — and protects them, too. We’ve got some tips to help you put everything back so the next time you pull them out, you’re ready to get festive in as little time as possible.

Storing Your Tree

If you have an artificial tree, you’ll want to make sure you store all the parts together. It’s tempting to keep the original box, but Martha Stewart says not to bother — once it’s been up, your tree’s branches need more room for storage. You can buy bags or even tree-storage boxes that will make sure the tree stays dust-free and safe. Most experts recommend storing the tree horizontally, but if you have to store it standing up, make sure you do so on the appropriate stand.

Make sure you remove all the ornaments and lights first, and vacuum or dust the branches. It’s best to disassemble the tree before you put it away, as well.

Storing Wreaths

If you have a wardrobe or clothes rack in your storage unit, make room for your wreaths. Attach them to a coat hanger and cover the entire thing with a plastic bag (or garment bag) and then hang them on the bar. Hatboxes are also a good way to store multiple wreaths if you don’t have a way to hang them.

Keeping Lights and Garland Neat

Lights can get tangled easily, which can make them your least favourite part of decorating. Wrap them on cardboard to keep the wires neat. Check for any burned-out bulbs before you pack everything away. You can store spare bulbs in a plastic bag taped to the piece of cardboard.

Beaded garland can quickly become a tangled mess — and ruin other ornaments — if you store everything together. Good Housekeeping suggests storing them in empty water bottles. You can see what’s inside and 500 ml bottles are the perfect size to hold two strings.

Protecting Ornaments

You have a few options here, depending on how delicate your ornaments are. You can buy special boxes (some even padded, with handles) for storing ornaments. They often come with a divided insert that keeps your ornaments separated and away from dust, moisture, and ultraviolet light.

You can also make your own storage solution with plastic drink cups lined with tissue paper (use a piece of flat cardboard in between layers to stack them in a box. 

And speaking of boxes and containers, make sure that whatever you choose protects your items from dust, light, and moisture. If your storage unit is unheated and you’re concerned about temperature fluctuations, keep more delicate items (especially wood) in a more controlled environment.

Label, label, label.

Make sure everything from your tree bag to your ornament boxes is labeled clearly, and try to stash everything close together in your storage unit. There’s nothing worse than rooting through your valuables to try to find one missing box!

Taking just a few minutes to sort everything out before you put it away can make a world of difference when the holiday season rolls around next year.

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