All About Climate Controlled Storage Units 


When it comes to storing your belongings, a climate controlled storage unit offers a level of protection and peace of mind that standard storage units simply can’t match. Whether you’re dealing with extreme temperatures, high humidity, or fluctuations in weather conditions, a climate controlled unit can safeguard your valuable items and ensure they remain exactly how you left them. Let’s explore the benefits of climate control and what you should store in these units. 


reasons for storing in climate control units: temperature and humidity control, protection for delicate items, and long-term storage solutions


Why Climate Control Matters 


Temperature and Humidity Control 

Sometimes change isn’t a good thing. Climate controlled storage units take charge of temperature and humidity, creating a steady environment that minimizes the chances of warping, cracking, and mold growth. 

Protection for Delicate Items 

Extreme temperatures and humidity can negatively impact items like wooden furniture, antiques, keepsakes, electronics, musical instruments, and artwork. By choosing a climate controlled unit, you’re ensuring that these delicate or priceless belongings stay in great condition. 

Long-Term Storage Solutions  

A climate controlled storage unit is a wise choice if you plan to store items for an extended period. Temperature fluctuations between seasons can wreak havoc on items left in standard storage units—nobody wants that! 


Things you can store in climate control: valuable collectibles, business documents, sentimental items, and electronics and appliances.


What Belongs in a Climate Controlled Unit? 

  • Valuable Collectibles: Important items look different for everyone. Whether you’re a comic book lover, a wine collector, or a vintage clothing enthusiast, a climate controlled storage unit provides a haven for your collectibles. 

The Takeaway 

When choosing a storage solution, keep in mind the specific needs of your belongings and the value they hold. Mini Mall Storage Properties’ climate controlled storage units offer unparalleled protection for a wide range of items. From delicate antiques to valuable collectibles and even your personal memories, our units provide a controlled environment that helps prevent damage, giving you peace of mind.  

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