Roaming Around West Memphis, Arkansas 

Mini Mall Storage in West Memphis, AR

Welcome back to another city-wide adventure! Today, we’re checking out the eccentrically shaped region (seriously, look it up) of West Memphis—a city nestled in the heart of Arkansas, where Southern hospitality meets heart-sinking history. Whether you’re navigating the bends of the mighty Mississippi or just trying to eat and shop in the same place, West Memphis is the hidden gem your IG story has been waiting for.  

Like always, Mini Mall Storage is your trusty local storage expert and tour guide! As we kick off on this journey, be prepared for warm welcomes, mouthwatering eats, and, of course, a cheeky storage tip along the way. Let’s dive into the magic of West Memphis! 

Cracker Barrel in West Memphis, AR


Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 

Our first stop is none other than the beloved Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. Picture this—a place where the aroma of homestyle cooking fills the air, friendly faces greet you at every turn, and the promise of fair-priced shopping awaits. With an all-day breakfast menu that’ll make your taste buds dance and fried chicken that’s a crispy piece of joy, this is the ultimate foodie haven. 

But it’s not just about the food; Cracker Barrel is a one-stop-shop for your holiday checklist. From charming home décor to unique gift baskets and incredible bundles, you’ll find everything you need to sleigh the holiday season. Food + shopping? Say less. 

And remember, once the festive cheer has settled and the holiday season bids adieu, Mini Mall Storage steps in to make life a breeze. Our range of storage units provides the perfect solution to stow away those twinkling decorations until next year or create ample space for new toys and cherished memories.  

Welcome Center in West Memphis, AR


Arkansas West Memphis Welcome Center 

Next up, we’re making our way to the Arkansas West Memphis Welcome Center. The Center would be the true starting point of any West Memphis adventure if you weren’t hungry when you began. As your trusty guide for today, Mini Mall Storage is here to show you the ropes, but the incredible staff at the Welcome Center are here year-round. They welcome millions of travelers annually, providing all the info you need to make the most of your stay. It’s like having your own team of travel experts ensuring you have the time of your life. 

Sultana Disaster Museum


Sultana Disaster Museum 

Now, let’s take a ten-minute drive to the Sultana Disaster Museum. Here, you’ll hear the gripping tales of the deadliest maritime disaster in US history. It’s a solemn yet fascinating experience, a reminder of the lives lost and a tribute to their stories that live on. History buffs and curious minds, this one’s for you. 

While the museum does indicate that it’s kid-friendly, be mindful of how little ones may respond to the nature of the museum. 

Worthington Park West Memphis, AR


Worthington Park 

Ready for some outdoor fun? Worthington Park is the place to be, whether you’re a kid, a dog lover, or just someone who enjoys hanging out in open grassy spaces. And during the holiday season, the park transforms into a magical wonderland. Picture trees covered with twinkling lights creating a cozy atmosphere that draws in crowds for a festive celebration. If you’re on a date or taking the family out for a holiday stroll, remember to bring your camera! 

Big River Trailhead in West Memphis, AR


Big River Trailhead 

Our final destination is the Big River Trailhead, where the iconic Harahan Bridge awaits. Cross this architectural marvel and treat yourself to stunning views, prime photo ops, and a leisurely walk from point A to point B that leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. It’s the perfect way to end our West Memphis adventure. 

Whether you’re visiting for a short visit or planning a move into West Memphis, AR, Mini Mall Storage is here to assist you every step of the way. Our climate controlled storage units, drive up storage units, advanced security features, and friendly staff make us your go-to solution for self storage. 

Reserve your storage unit online in a few clicks or give us a call.  

We’re excited to be a part of your West Memphis, AR, journey! Find storage near you at our West Memphis storage facility!

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