How to Protect Your Belongings from Storms

In some places, the weather has a reputation for being a bit, how do we say this nicely… temperamental? Living somewhere with unpredictable weather can be a major source of stress, but with a bit of preparation, you can minimize storm damage and keep your belongings safe and sound. This guide from Mini Mall Storage will cover where to stash your stuff, how to prep your home and storage unit, and even how to fortify your windows. Safety first, that’s what we always say, so read on, dear friend, and let’s all stay safe this storm season.

Where should important belongings go during a storm?

The answer depends on the type of storm: 

  • Flooding: If you live in a flood zone, prioritize protecting the items in your basement. Go high and dry by moving valuable items to upper floors or elevating them using pallets or risers. Store important documents and keepsakes in waterproof containers or a fireproof safe to protect them from water damage and debris. 
  • High Winds: When it’s a tornado or hurricane you’re worried about, you’ll want to take the time to secure outdoor furniture, grills, and decorations that could become projectiles in strong winds. Or better yet, consider renting a temporary storage unit to store these items safely until the storm passes. 

Pro-Tip: Take photos or videos of your belongings before storing or securing them. Having detailed records and photos can be helpful in the event that you need to file an insurance claim.

Preparing your storage unit for a storm 

A couple covering their furniture to prepare for a storm

Storage units can provide a haven for outdoor furniture, tools, equipment, and even vehicles when a big storm is brewing. Here’s how to maximize their protective potential: 

  • Elevate belongings: Use pallets or shelving to keep your items off the ground, especially if flooding is a concern. 
  • Plastic power: Invest in plastic storage containers to shield your belongings from direct contact with water and protect them from moisture damage. 
  • Take stock: Keep a detailed inventory of everything in your storage unit for insurance purposes. It’s important to us that your belongings are protected, which is why Mini Mall Storage requires all tenants to hold a valid insurance policy for added peace of mind. 

How to protect windows in a hurricane 

When it comes to preparing for a hurricane, prioritize window protection using products approved by your local building authority and marketed as hurricane-tested: 

  • Install Storm windows—Storm windows contain an impact-resistant layer of polyvinyl butyral in between the glass panes. Storm windows are designed to withstand high winds and flying debris. 
  • Install Shutters—Hurricane or storm shutters are an age-old solution and can help shield your windows in the event of a powerful storm, though they will change the look of your house.  

For a quick and budget-friendly option that you can turn to in an emergency, consider plywood boarding: 

  • Cut plywood to fit your window size with a slight overlap on all sides. 
  • Secure them properly: Use lag screws or clips for a strong hold. Strong winds can rip off improperly fastened plywood, causing more damage. 

Safety First: Beyond Belongings 

While protecting your belongings is important, prioritizing the safety of everyone inside the house is paramount. Here are some additional tips: 

  • Storm safety plan: Create a plan for your family and pets, including evacuation routes and communication strategies. 
  • Stay informed: Monitor weather updates and warnings from local authorities. 
  • Emergency kit: Make yourself a little emergency kit with about three days’ worth of essentials like non-perishable food, a can opener, water, first-aid supplies, personal hygiene items, flashlights or candles, tools, a battery-powered radio, etc.  

By following these tips and having a plan in place, you can significantly reduce storm-related stress and keep your belongings safe. Remember, preparation is everything. Make storm preparations part of your regular home maintenance routine, and don’t hesitate to visit Mini Mall Storage if you need extra space to keep your valuables protected. We’re here to help! Visit our website today to find a storage unit that suits your needs. 

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