How to Store Your Washer and Dryer: Pro Tips from Mini Mall Storage 

washer and dryer storage guide from Mini Mall Storage

Are you staring at your washer and dryer, wondering how on earth you will store these bulky beasts without causing them any damage? Let’s face it, moving or storing large appliances can feel a bit like doing laundry. You know it needs to be done, but you’d rather be doing anything else!  

Well, you’re in luck. We at Mini Mall Storage are all about making life’s transitions a tad easier, and we’ve got the lowdown on the best ways to store your washer and dryer.  

Let’s dive in! 

cleaning a dryer
  1. Give Them a Good Clean 

First things first, you’ll want to give your washer and dryer a thorough clean. Run an empty cycle for the washer with a mix of hot water and vinegar to clean out any residue—we promise the smell fades instantly! For both appliances, wipe down the insides and outsides with a gentle cleaner. You might be surprised how much ick can build up and storing them while they’re clean will prevent any unpleasant surprises later. 

door securing method for storage
  1. Secure the Doors 

Next up, secure the doors. You can use something like painters’ tape or a strap to keep the doors slightly ajar. Why not fully seal? This prevents mold from growing and allows air to circulate through the appliances. Just make sure the doors are secure enough that they won’t swing open during the move but not so tight that they warp the seals. 

disconnecting and draining a washer for storage
  1. Disconnect and Drain 

Safety first! Ensure your washer and dryer are completely disconnected from water, gas, and electrical supplies. For your washer, you’ll also need to drain any remaining water from the hoses and the machine itself. This step is essential to prevent any leaks or water damage while in storage. 

wrapping a washer and dryer for storage
  1. Wrap Them Up 

Protect your appliances from scratches and dents by wrapping them up. Use moving blankets or bubble wrap for an extra layer of protection. Pay special attention to the corners and edges, as these areas are prone to damage. Check out our packing tips for more ideas. 

Pro Tips to Keep in Mind 

Avoid Direct Floor Contact: You never want to store a washing machine, dryer, or any large appliance directly on the floor, especially in a non-climate-controlled unit. This can lead to potential moisture damage or rusting from the ground up.  

We can help with that! Mini Mall Storage offers climate controlled units that supply a consistent temperature and humidity level, offering an ideal environment for your appliances and protecting them from extreme temperature changes and moisture. Winning! 

Don’t Overstack: It might be tempting to use your appliances as a makeshift table, but stacking heavy items on top can cause dents and damage to the surface. Covered and uncluttered is best. 

Now that you’re armed with these tips, you’re ready to store your washer and dryer like a pro. But why stop there? At Mini Mall Storage, we pride ourselves on being your local self storage experts. Whether you’re moving, renovating, downsizing, or just need to declutter, we’re here to help with life’s transitions. We know a thing or two about storing more than just washers and dryers! 

If you’re looking for a safe, secure place to store your belongings, look no further. Our friendly staff are always ready to answer any questions and to find the perfect storage solution for you. 

Ready to make your move? Get in touch with us today. Find self storage near you! 

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