6 Seasonal Storage Tips for Frequent Flyers

Seasonal Storage Tips

Ahoy there, fellow serial vacationers! If you’re anything like us, the travel bug bites hard, and you’re constantly off to explore new horizons or revisit your favorite spot. But hold on a minute— have you ever returned from an epic adventure only to find your home looking like a tornado of travel gear hit it? Worry not, because Mini Mall Storage Properties, your friendly, local self storage experts, are here to drop some storage wisdom on you that’s as smooth as a piña colada on a tropical beach. Here are some seasonal storage tips.

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Tip #1: Pack Like a Pro

When you’re busy planning your next getaway, remember to prepare for the end of it, too. Before you bid farewell to your vacation spot, take a moment to organize your stuff. Create an inventory list so you won’t be scratching your head when you return for round two of relaxation. If you’re planning to be away from home for an extended period, bulky items like outdoor chairs, grills, sporting equipment, and gardening tools should find a safe haven in a storage unit, especially if your hometown is prone to wild weather. Mini Mall Storage offers climate controlled units, so your seasonal gear stays safe and secure while you’re away.

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Tip #2: Sizing Up Your Storage

Do you leave your trusty car or SUV at your home away from home? Or perhaps you stash away summer clothes and beach gear to save on hauling them back and forth? With many folks sharing their vacation spot with friends and family, clearing out your belongings makes for a fresh entrance for you and your guests. Whatever your storage needs, picking the right-sized storage unit is essential. Our friendly staff at your local Mini Mall Storage can guide you through the options and offer covered or uncovered storage for your vehicle, multiple storage options for almost any other items and flexible, commitment-free contracts—so you can upgrade or downgrade as your adventures evolve.

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Tip #3: Secure Your Treasures

We’ve all heard the saying, “You get what you pay for.” When it comes to storage, it’s truer than ever. Before you commit to a storage contract, make sure you’re not sacrificing security for savings. Ask about on-site security measures and ensure the facility isn’t an easy target for bad actors. At Mini Mall Storage, your treasures are guarded like the crown jewels thanks to our advanced security features such as gated access, state of the art security cameras and outdoor lighting. We’ve got an eye on your valuable belongings!

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Tip #4: Location, Location, Location

Whether you’re a snowbird migrating between the North and South or a road tripping enthusiast, the location of your storage facility matters. Have bad memories of the days traveling down a forgotten road to store your stuff? We get it—you want your storage unit close by for easy access. That’s why we offer convenient locations that cater to your travel plans. Say goodbye to unnecessary detours when you store with us!

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Tip #5: A+ Access

When you’re on vacation (or just back from one), the last thing you want is delays in accessing your stuff. Make sure your storage unit is easily accessible to you. At Mini Mall Storage Properties, we know that time is precious, so you can count on us for convenient access. No need to wait around for someone to let you in—our OpenTech Access feature turns your phone into an open sesame on your schedule!

Climate Control Storage Unit

Tip #6: Climate Control is Cool

Sure, we’ve all heard of climate controlled storage for delicate items, but did you know it’s also perfect for long-term jet ski storage or boat storage? Climate controlled units keep your belongings cozy no matter the season.

So, before heading out on your next trip, remember to pack smart, plan ahead, and snag a self storage unit if you need the extra space. With our climate controlled storage units, advanced security measures, covered spots, and various unit sizes, you can travel with peace of mind, knowing your stuff is safe and sound with Mini Mall Storage.

Ready to declutter your home and make your next adventure even better? Visit our website today to learn more, shoot us a message, or give us a call. Our friendly team is here to help you make your storage experience as epic as your travels.

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