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As the holiday season fades in the rearview mirror and 2024 knocks on your door, what better way to welcome the New Year than by decluttering with a month of free storage from Mini Mall Storage? The answer: there is no better way. And yes, we are biased. 

We know that packing away those twinkling lights, quirky ornaments, and the inflatable snowman named Steve can be a task as daunting as trying to find matching socks in the laundry. Fear not, because Mini Mall Storage has your back—and can help you store that second air fryer you plan to regift next year.  

No matter your plan and personal New Year’s goals, enjoy your first month of storage free. It’s a fresh start for your space and a bonus for your budget. 

Mini Mall Storage offers a range of storage units with features like climate control, passcode gate systems, and 24/7 advanced security measures. Whether you need storage for office supplies, your outdoor equipment, or to clear some personal space while you renovate, you can store your belongings confidently in our secure locations. 



Have questions? Check out our FAQs: 


Question: Can I apply the ‘First Month Free’ promotion to any unit type at any time? 

Answer: The ‘First Month Free’ promotion is generally available for all unit types. However, its availability may vary based on occupancy levels and demand for specific unit types. If the unit you are interested in does not qualify, we will be happy to help you find another unit that does. 


Question: What if I sign up in the middle of the month? Do I still get a full month free? 

Answer: If you sign up later in the month, the ‘First Month Free’ promotion applies to the remaining days of that month. For instance, if you sign up on the 20th, your rent will be free for the remaining 10-11 days of the month. To maximize the promotion, you can opt to start your rental on the 1st of the next month. 


Question: Are there any hidden fees or additional costs with this promotion? 

Answer: No, there are no hidden fees. The ‘First Month Free’ promotion waives your first month’s rent. However, it does not include the Protection Plan and any other applicable fees. These will be clearly outlined before you sign the rental agreement. 


Ready to get started or want to connect with a Mini Mall Storage expert? Call us, send a message, or find storage near you. Your first month free is waiting! 

*Promotion subject to change. Offer only on select units, subject to availability. This offer applies only to the rental fee. It does not apply to any other applicable fees or taxes. See contract for full details. Promotions available for new customers only. Pricing subject to change.*

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