10 Surprisingly Simple Tips to Tackle Closet Organization

a neatly organized closet after decluttering

Is your closet bursting at the seams with stuff you haven’t touched in ages? Time to say “Bye, Felicia!” to that clutter and embrace a more organized life. Some of us don’t have the luxury of a spacious dream closet like Barbie. The solution? Channel your inner Kenergy and organize your closet into the pride of your Mojo Dojo Casa House. Whether you’re prepping for self storage, downsizing, moving, or just craving a clutter-free haven, these tips will help you get organized with a newfound zest for space. Ready? Let’s conquer that closet chaos with our top 10 tips! 

clothes being packed for storage

  1. The Power of Three-ish Piles: Kick off your decluttering spree by creating three piles – “Keep,” “Donate/Sell,” and “Toss.” The “ish” pile is a placeholder for items you’re on the fence about during this process. Sometimes it can be easier to let certain things go once you’ve held on to them for a teeny bit longer. Be ruthless, but remember, if you haven’t used it in a year, it’s likely time to let it go.


  1. Hanger Hack: Are you trying to remember if you wore that jacket 6 months ago, or wait, was it 2020? We get it. A simple trick is to reverse your hangers after wearing an item. At the end of the 6-12 months, anything still on a reversed hanger is a prime candidate for removal from your closet.


  1. The Fitting Room Test: Treat your closet like a fitting room. If that dress you loved five years ago still won’t zip up or doesn’t suit your style, it’s time to pass it on to a GenZ thrift shopper. Remind yourself—clothes are meant to fit you, not the other way around.


  1. Seasonal Shuffle: Consider using self storage for seasonal items like bulky winter coats or breezy summer dresses. Keep your current season’s essentials front and center and stow away the rest to make more room. Our range of accessible storage units makes it easy to swap out seasonal gear like camping equipment and snowboards too.


  1. Shoe Store Vibes: Place shoes you wear frequently at eye level and tuck the less used ones underneath. You’ll free up space and showcase your favorites like a miniature shoe gallery. Closet door organizers can help hide a few pairs but check back to tip 1 if you’re on the fence. Want to elevate your shoe game with a closet that even Carrie Bradshaw would envy? Use self storage to free up space and rotate your favorites that don’t suit the season. 


  1. Accessory Adventure: Hooks and pegs are your new best friends. Hang purses, scarves, and belts for easy access or try out the latest TikTok folding trend and move items to your dresser drawer.


  1. Baskets of Joy: Invest in trendy baskets or bins for those miscellaneous items that always seem to clutter your closet floor. They’re a simple solution for stashing away odds and ends. We’ll (kind of) repeat it—if you haven’t used or worn an item in some time…


  1. Vertical Victory: Use the vertical space in your closet wisely. Install shelves or hanging organizers to store folded clothes, bags, and shoe boxes.


  1. Label Love: Label boxes, bins, and baskets for a seamless closet experience. No more digging around for your favorite cozy sweater or that elusive matching sock. As you prepare any items for storage, this step will be one of the most beneficial!


  1. Bye-Bye to the “Maybe” Pile: That “ish” pile is like a baby blanket with a time limit. Set a timer for decisions. If you can’t decide within a minute, it’s time to bid farewell.

clothes being sorted and packed during storage and decluttering

Remember, decluttering is a journey, not a sprint. Take breaks, celebrate your progress, and embrace the lighter, free feeling that comes with an organized closet. Future you will say thanks for creating a serene space where every item sparks joy. 


Mini Mall Self Storage Properties is here to support your organized journey for the items you want to keep but can’t fit in your closet or only need seasonally, and everything in between. Our climate controlled storage units locations are designed with advanced security and easy accessibility to accommodate your needs.  


Ready to liberate your closet while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your items are in safe hands? Call us or reserve your storage unit online in a few clicks. Our expert staff is here to help if you need us. 

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