Maximize Your Space by Swapping & Storing These Seasonal Items (using a storage unit)

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July 13th, 2021

The sun is shining, the weather is warming, the birds are chirping — what more motivation do you need to start your spring-cleaning process? Every year, we get the urge to purge as the seasons change and we welcome the end of a cold Canadian winter. However as true Canadians, we’re wise to not get rid of our winter items, but simply store them away for the next season.

Whether your storage process is systematic or utterly chaotic, renting a storage unit is the perfect way to organize your life both inside and outside of the home. Say goodbye to jam-packed closets, overflowing sheds, and garages in complete disarray. If you’re tired of finding new hidden places to pack away more items, and you’re never quite sure where to find what you’re looking for anyway, a storage unit can centralize all your belongings in one place.

Perhaps your home doesn’t have great storage spaces, so every nook and cranny is packed with items. Or maybe your home is plenty big, but you like to keep it tidy. Renting a storage unit is the perfect way to manage your seasonal items, and keep your home looking just the way you want it to, regardless of how much living space you have.

Winter Items to Store in Your Unit
Here’s a list of seasonal items that you could keep in your storage from now until next fall/winter:

Holiday decorations: Grab your boxes labelled Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day to swap out with necessary items. This includes everything from dishes and décor to lawn ornaments and door hangers. You won’t need them for 6+ months, so you might as well store them elsewhere until then.

Winter clothes: No one likes jam-packed closets and overflowing drawers when you’re always digging for that one item you can never seem to find. Pack up your warm sweaters, woolly knits, fuzzy socks — you name it — and store them safely until next season. Save some time next winter by sorting through your clothes now to donate and toss what you don’t want or need anymore.

Outerwear: Are you sick of those overly full front closets and almost toppling over coat racks? Us too! Round up those winter boots, bulky jackets, mittens, scarves and snow pants to make room for your flip flops, denim jackets and all that summery fashion.

Extra bedding: Cheers to snoozing through warm nights with a light breeze through the window! Fold up your flannel sheets and extra blankets because it’s time to bring out those light-weight cottons.

Heating devices: With the thermometer in the positives, you can pack away your external heat sources until next fall. This could include space heaters, hot water bottles, mitten warmers, you name it.

Everything snow-related: Ok we’re not 100% certain it won’t snow again — stranger things have happened — but if it does, it won’t be much. So, send your snow shovels, sidewalk salt and winter tires to the storage unit for safe keeping. Summer Items to Swap Out of Your Unit With your winter items stored safely, you now have room for all your summer necessities! Imagine pulling all these items out of your clean, dry storage unit, instead of tracking them down from wherever you managed to fit it last year and cleaning them off. 

Patio furniture: No need to dust off or power wash your outdoor furniture (like after a winter spent in the garage or garden shed). Your patio loungers will be just as you left them last fall, guaranteed.

Gardening supplies: The last frost is approaching, so it’s time to grab your planters, watering cans and gardening tools. Your supplies can now have their own dedicated space in your garage or shed since these structures are not busy storing other out-of-season items.

Lawn care: Soon little green shoots will adorn your lawn to signal the start of growing season. Grab your lawn mower, fertilizer, sprinklers and more so that you’re ready when they are.

Camping gear: It’s almost camping season! Imagine finding your lawn chairs, barbeque, sleeping bags, roasting sticks and all your camping equipment in the same spot — no, you’re not dreaming. Say goodbye to the annual hunt finding all of your gear in different corners of the house. This year, your unit is organized to a ‘t’ so you could even attempt May long weekend.

Beach stuff: Now we know beaches aren’t abundant here in Canada, but we’re so lucky to have beautiful lakes at our disposal. Keep all your umbrellas, water toys, beach towels and sun tanning mats within arm’s reach so you can head out on a sunny day with ease.

Cooling devices: That’s right, now we’re worried about being too hot. Having your portable fans around home year-round is clunky, so storing them at a separate location means more free space during the off months. If you’re ready to organize your seasonal items, and your life, so that you can get the most of your space and time, renting a storage unit is the first step towards having it all. Our storage units are affordable, secure and accessible 24/7, so that you can get your item whenever it suits your schedule.

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