The Tailgater’s Guide to Self Storage: Stay Game Day Ready 

Store Tailgating Equipment

Ah, tailgating—that cherished pregame ritual where the parking lot becomes a welcomed sea of grills, games, and good times. It’s like a BBQ, a sports fan club, and a block party had a baby, and honestly, it’s why some of us even show up to the stadium.  

Let’s face it: not everyone makes it into the game. Sometimes it’s by choice (because, have you seen the price of tickets?), and other times, it’s because the tailgate party was just too epic to leave. Whatever the case, tailgating has evolved from simple hangouts to elaborate setups that could rival some small festivals. 

So, you’ve got the ultimate tailgate setup: the mini grill, foldable furniture, and sports gear that’s more prepared for game day than the players themselves—no need to be humble! But what do you do with all this gear in the off-season or during those tragic bye weeks? Enter the unsung hero of the tailgating saga: Mini Mall Storage. 

We’ve got you covered when it’s time to turn the tailgate into tailgating the opposing team home.  

Prep Your Tailgating Setup for Storage 

Before we dive into the specifics, remember that a little TLC goes a long way. Cleaning and preparing your gear for its off-season hibernation will ensure everything is game-day ready when the season rolls around again. 

Portable Sound Systems 

speaker systems can be stored when not in use

Music is the heartbeat of any tailgate, so let’s start with your portable sound system. Ensure it’s clean, dry, and free of any debris. Remove batteries to prevent corrosion, and if it’s rechargeable, give it one last charge before storing. Wrap cables neatly and place everything in a padded case or original packaging, if possible. High and dry is your go-to for Tetris packing. 

The Grill of All Grills 

people using a grill that will later be stored

Food gets the party started and keeps everyone fueled for whatever comes next. Whether charcoal, gas, or electric, your grill needs a good scrub down. Empty all fuel sources, thoroughly clean it to remove grease and food residue, and protect it with a weatherproof cover. Disconnect and store propane tanks outside in a cool, well-ventilated area for gas grills. 

Coolers and Ice Chests

coolers can ne stored in a storage unit when not in use

If you think nothing is worse than forgetting ice on game day, you haven’t experienced the sours of a musty cooler—some things you can’t un-smell. Before storage, wash coolers inside and out with a tablespoon of baking soda and warm water. Leave it open to air dry completely in a sunny spot to prevent mold and mildew from setting up camp. Thank us later. 

Tailgate Games 

cornhole boards and other tailgating games can be stored in a storage unit

Cornhole boards, giant Jenga, bocce balls—whatever your Costco game of choice, ensure it’s ready for next year. Clean all pieces, check for damage, and pack them neatly in their original boxes or with padding in cardboard or plastic bins. Consider sealing boards and wooden pieces with a protective finish to keep them looking fresh. 

Sports and Team Memorabilia 

sports equipment for storage

Flags, banners, and inflatable mascots give your tailgate its spirit. Gently wash fabric items and repair any tears. For inflatables like your prized Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man, deflate them, fold them neatly, and store them in airtight bags to prevent funky smells from developing. 

Folding Furniture

baseball gear to be stored

Inspect each piece for damage, clean it well with a soft bristle brush, like a toothbrush, and apply a rust protectant to metal parts. Climate-controlled storage is an excellent option for these items and many others to prevent mold and mildew. If space allows, keep them unfolded in storage to avoid stress on the hinges. 

Tailgating Apparel

sports fan and storage user

Yes, even your lucky jersey needs a break. Wash all clothing items and consider vacuum-sealing them to save space and protect them from pests and dust. Unless your memory is better than ours, this also makes for a fun unboxing experience at the start of the next season! 

Quick Prep for Your Tailgate Ride

vehicle being washed for storage

What would a tailgate be without a home base? From trucks to campers, a clean slate goes a long way. Give your tailgating vehicle a once-over before storage: wash the exterior to shed any party evidence and vacuum the interior to ditch the dirt. Don’t forget the tires—inflate them to prevent flats. A little prep now keeps your ride in top tailgate shape for next season. 

Game Day Approved Storage Options

football gear in storage

Just like teams go head-to-head, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons when deciding how to best store your tailgating gear.


We’ve broken it down for you: 

Storage Types Pros Cons 
Plastic Bins Waterproof, airtight, durable; great for electronics. Stackable for space efficiency. Requires labeling for easy identification. 
Cardboard Boxes Cost-effective for lightweight items. Foldable and reusable. Not suitable for heavy items; risk of breakage. 
Utility Hooks Maximizes wall space, keeping floors uncluttered. Ideal for hanging items like chairs and flags. Limited to wall space availability. 
Shelving Units Provides additional vertical storage space. Offers clear visibility and organization. May not be suitable for flood-prone areas without precaution. 
Overhead Storage Utilizes tall ceilings for extra space. Keeps floors open and uncluttered. Access may be difficult; more suited for long-term storage. 

A bonus? All these items work in self storage! 

Your Home Away for Tailgating Treasures 

Choosing the perfect spot for your prized tailgating stack boils down to factors like accessibility, protection, and space optimization. While your garage, shed, or basement may initially seem like convenient options, they often fall short and wind up as clutter. If you’re ready to take your space back, check out our garage organizing and downsizing guide!

That’s where self storage at Mini Mall comes in. We offer peace of mind that comes with top-notch security features, and climate-controlled storage units that protect your belongings from extreme temperatures or changes in humidity levels. This is particularly crucial for electronic items and other sensitive gear that could otherwise make for a big L.  

Whether you’re looking to safeguard your gear in the off-season or simply reclaim your garage, the experts at Mini Mall are here to help every step of the way. 

Find self storage near you today! 

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