How to Flip Your Storage Unit for Winter

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August 17th, 2021

The older we get, the more ‘stuff’ we seem to accumulate. Sure, some of it may be unnecessary, but a lot of it helps us live the lives we want, allowing us to go camping, spend time at the beach, or enjoy our backyards. These items may not be used every day but they allow us the freedom to live abundantly in the season.

So instead of letting these much-needed items clutter up your space and get in the way of daily life, renting a storage unit is the best of both worlds. It allows you to move around your home as you please — year round — and enjoy a tidy, welcoming environment, while still enjoying all the activities you love.

And it’s that time of year again! Start collecting all your summer accessories so you can swap them for winter necessities at your nearby Mini Mall Storage Properties location. We know you probably don’t want to talk about it yet, but winter creeps up on us faster and faster every year.

Summer Items to Store in Your Unit

Camping Equipment
Don’t fret just yet, there are still a few camping weekends left. But before you know it, school will be in full swing and the temperature will drop to less than balmy. And you’ll be packing up your sleeping bags, roasting sticks, tent and lawn chairs for next season. Some of our units also include vehicle storage, so contact us about leaving your RV or travel trailer at one of our locations.

FAQ — Can I store butane and propane cannisters in my unit?

Due to safety regulations, you cannot store any flammable, hazardous or combustible items in Mini Mall Storage Properties units. This rule was put in place to keep you and all of our tenants safe, as well as your belongings. We know your possessions are important, so we safeguard them while you’re away.

Backyard Tools & Accessories
As much as we want to fight it, fall is just around the corner. So, it’s time we start thinking about winterizing our backyards. Harvest the garden and enjoy the last of your flower beds if they’ve held on this long. Gather your gardening tools, lawn equipment and patio furniture because you won’t need these items for at least six months.

FAQ — How should I prepare my gardening tools for winter?

Good tools will last you a lifetime, so it’s important to properly care for them when the season ends. First you want to thoroughly clean all of your metal tools with a coarse brush to remove any dirt or grit. Try using a dry rag only, but if necessary, use a damp rag for dirt and sandpaper for rust. Rub wooden handles with linseed oil and wipe down metal tools with vegetable or motor oil.

Summer Necessities
Gone are the 30-degree days and blazing hot sun that we (mostly) enjoyed for a short while this summer. That means it’s safe to store our beach towels, oscillating fans, water toys and umbrellas until next year. Rather than trip over and dig around them all year long, store these fun items in your unit so that you’re excited to use them again next summer instead of begrudgingly moving them around every few weeks.

FAQ — Can I store my boat or water toys at my unit?

Yes, we offer vehicle storage at many of our locations. We have a variety of indoor spaces available for vehicles of all kinds, so please contact us to see which unit will suit your needs.

Winter Items to Swap Out of Your Unit

Vehicle Accessories
With the inevitable snow on its way, it’s time to prepare your vehicle for the next six months of driving. Swap your summer tires for winter tires, add your cold-weather washer fluid, pack safety survival supplies in your trunk, and you’re ready to go. As the seasons change, this is also a good time to perform a routine check-up on your vehicle, whether you do this yourself or request it at the shop when you get your tires changed.

Cold-Weather Apparel
That’s right, it’s sweater weather again! Fold your shorts, gather your flip flips and consolidate all your summer ware because you won’t need it again until summertime (or if you’re lucky, your next hot vacation!). Swap light materials for thick knits, warm fleeces and woolly socks because we all know how chilly Canadian winters can get. These bulky items sure take up a lot of space, so it’s nice to have them stored somewhere else for the warm summer months.

Winter Necessities
It’s easy to forget how many tools and accessories we need to comfortably survive the winter season. Head to your unit and retrieve your snow shovel and salt, space heaters and warming devices, flannel sheets, cozy blankets and holiday decorations. That’s right, at least there are plenty of holidays to look forward to while we experience the fall and winter here in Canada.

And these items are just the beginning! Make a list of your seasonal swaps so that you don’t have to scramble to remember what you’re moving every six months. Instead, you can simply consult the list — or get others to — and move your items just like that.

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