Getting Ahead with Tech

Getting Ahead with Tech - Self Storage

Every day, our world is becoming more advanced with new and improved technology. Major sectors like media and medicine are almost unrecognizable from years past, and the storage industry is no different.

While different innovation has opened opportunities to make our lives faster and more dynamic, we proactively adopt technology to improve your self-storage experience by making things simpler, safer, and more convenient.

Picture this: you’ve just finished work during the first big snow dump of the season and need your snow blower out of storage. But the gate is locked, and the open sign is dimmer than your spirits.

We think access to your stuff is almost as important as where you store it. Our locations are equipped with computerized gate entry systems with keypad access so that business hours aren’t ours; they’re up to you.

Mini Mall introduced OpenTech to its ecosystem in 2020, featuring the Storage Genie app, allowing you to open the unit’s gate as soon as you arrive, without needing to roll down your car window or open the door to input the gate code. This is particularly beneficial if you want the gate open instantly or if the weather is too cold.

Getting on-site, check. Access to your unit, check.

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What about when you’re not around?

Another key feature in tech is our Rhombus Camera System. Black and white footage recorded on a VHS? Not on our watch.

Puns aside, 24-hour surveillance means 24-hour peace of mind. You know the saying, what you don’t know can’t hurt you? When it comes to protecting your belongings, we want to know what’s happening on-site because it definitely can hurt you. Not physically, but we take it seriously, and our technology is top-notch.

At Mini Mall Storage, we prioritize the safety and security of your belongings. As part of this commitment, we require all tenants to maintain a valid protection plan policy. Alternatively, we offer additional protection through our Mini Mall Storage Protection Program. For more details, speak with your Storage Concierge Specialist or reach out to us today.

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