15 Ways to Update or Remodel Your RV and Become the Envy of Instagram 

RV remodel with Mini Mall Storage

Be honest, how many hours of RV renos have you watched on TikTok? If you’ve been dreaming of a mobile makeover that’ll turn your RV or mini camper into a wanderlust-worthy dwelling, you’ve come to the right spot. At Mini Mall Storage, we love a good makeover almost as much as reorganizing and decluttering on a Sunday—a lot.  

That’s why we’ve curated a list of 15 transformative ideas that promise to elevate your home on wheels from merely functional to absolutely Instagram worthy. 

Ready to hit the road? Beep beep! 

groovy RV
  1. Groovy Getaway on Wheels 

With the nostalgia era in its prime, what better time to pull inspiration from the 1900s? It feels weird to say it like that, but it’s true. Turn back the clock with a retro revamp that includes checkerboard flooring, pastel-hued interiors, and those lookalike vintage appliances. Better yet, thrift some actual vintage pieces if you’re handy and can get them running! Don’t shy away from adding a modern twist with eco-friendly insulation and energy-efficient LED lights, blending 70’s vibes with the new-new to keep your travels both stylish and smart. 

small remodeled camper
  1. Bohemian Rhapsody Roadster 

Transform your RV into a bohemian paradise with flowing fabrics, rattan furniture, and a sprinkling of plants that breathe life into your space. Consider swapping out traditional seating for a built-in daybed that doubles as storage, ensuring your nomadic nest is as functional as it is free-spirited. Finally, your knitting hobby can really pay off! 

backsplash for RV remodel
  1. Fandom Fortress 

Dedicate your mobile abode to the fandom of your choice with custom decals and unique collectibles that make your RV a rolling tribute. If you want something more modern, update your backsplash with custom tiles or unique peel-and-stick. Upgrade to clever storage solutions like hidden compartments and magnetic walls to display your memorabilia or decorations without cluttering your space. 

solar panel on RV camper roof
  1. Smart Tech Sanctuary 

Elevate your RV with the latest tech, from voice-activated devices to a compact, pull-down projector for starry movie nights. Installing solar panels on the exterior not only powers your gadgets but also supports your eco-friendly ethos on the road. 

peaceful RV interior
  1. Zen Den 

Embrace minimalism with sleek, multipurpose furniture and a calming, neutral palette. Consider replacing old flooring with sustainable bamboo or cork for a durable and stylish touch of nature. Smart, hidden storage keeps clutter out of sight and mind, amplifying the serene vibe. Try updating the paint color of a room and any hardware for simple changes that really make a difference. 

woman enjoying newly renovated RV
  1. Outdoor Living Lounge 

Extend your living space outdoors with a collapsible deck, hammock, and solar-powered outdoor shower for sandy beach days or muddy hiking adventures. Plan from the ground up: would the space be elevated with a new piece of outdoor flooring, or is that thrift store triple-thick blanket strong enough to be walked on? Portable, eco-friendly fire pits and LED solar lights are great for relaxing in fresh air.

Small terrier enjoying RV
  1. Four-Legged Friends’ Nook 

Make your RV a haven for your pets with custom-built feeding stations and a pet-friendly sleeping area. A pull-out washing station on the exterior allows for easy clean-ups after adventurous days, ensuring your interiors stay paw print free. And who says you can’t use the shower, too? 

breakfast being cooked in an RV
  1. Gourmet All Day 

Update your kitchen with high-efficiency micro appliances, retractable countertops for extra prep space, and an herb garden window box. Swap out old cabinets for modern, lightweight options that offer more storage and a fresh vibe. Try adding built-in compartments for your drawers and cupboards that keep everything in place while you’re on the move. 

sustainable RV
  1. Sustainability Suite 

Turn your RV into an eco-warrior’s dream with a composting toilet, recycled materials for interior updates, and a gray water system for watering your onboard herb garden.  

travel paint set for road trips
  1. Creatives’ Caravan 

Convert a section of your RV into a versatile art studio with natural light, fold-away furniture, and modular storage for your supplies. A drop-down desk against a window provides inspiration, while magnetic strips keep tools organized and accessible. 

RV library
  1. Book Lover’s Nook 

You don’t have to live with the Beast to have the library of your dreams. Try designing a cozy corner with wall-mounted bookshelves made from reclaimed wood and a plush reading chair that invites hours of indulgence. Thrift reading lights and a small, fold-away side table for your coffee or tea to complete this literary retreat. 

relaxing RV bathroom
  1. Oasis on Wheels 

Upgrade your bathroom with a water-saving showerhead, a compact, modern toilet, and waterproof LED mood lighting for a spa-like experience. Heated towel racks and a small, wall-mounted aromatherapy diffuser add a touch of luxury to your mobile oasis. Your most pressing question of the day could be which essential oil you would choose first. 

RV bicycle storage
  1. Nomadic Gym 

Integrate a compact gym setup with a foldable treadmill, walking pad, or bike rack, resistance bands that can be used inside or outside the RV, and a small set of weights. Mirrors on the back of doors enhance the space and prep you for a flex off—with yourself, of course. 

workspace in RV
  1. Adventure Basecamp 

Transform the sleeping area into a functional space with bunk beds that offer personal storage. Incorporate a convertible desk/workspace to cater to digital nomads or for kids’ crafts and homework, helping ensure every inch of the RV serves a purpose. 

camper van with movie screen
  1. Cinematic Cruiser 

Install a high-definition projector and a pull-down screen for movie nights, complemented by Bluetooth surround sound speakers that tuck away when not in use. Replace old seating with versatile, comfortable pieces that can be rearranged for optimal viewing. 

Pro Tips for a Smooth Makeover:  

Plan Your Space: Before you start, visualize how each area of your RV or camper will be used. This will help you select multi-functional furniture and the best storage solutions. 

Budget Wisely: Makeovers can quickly become expensive. Opt for changes that will have the most significant impact on nailing your Pinterest board and adding to the RV’s functionality. 

Seek Inspiration: Speaking of Pinterest! Use it and other sites like Instagram or TikTok as your goldmine for DIY ideas and creative solutions specifically for RVs and campers. 

Measure Twice, Buy Once: Space is at a premium, so ensure that every item you plan to bring into your RV will fit comfortably and serve its purpose. 

The final step? Share your before-and-after photos with your online community to pay it forward for the next person on a makeover mission—and to make them just a little jealous, but we won’t tell! 

Looking for a secure spot to park your RV or camper during the off-season? Mini Mall Storage offers a variety of safe and secure vehicle storage options. Ready to hit the road? Check out our road trip essentials blog!

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