Secure Your Stuff: 5 Perks of a Storage Protection Plan  

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When it comes to stowing away your precious stuff, it’s natural to feel a tad anxious. But fear not, dear storage enthusiasts—at Mini Mall Storage, we’ve got your back (and your boxes). Our commitment to your peace of mind is as strong and sturdy as your great-great-grandmother’s antique wood dresser…but it doesn’t weigh nearly as much. So, let’s dive into the six main benefits of adding a little sprinkle of storage protection to your life so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered and ready for anything.  

  1. Uh… you need it 
    The reason at the very top of our list is because you actually… you know… need it. Yup. Afraid so. You might think you don’t… but hear us out.  If you already have homeowners or tenant’s insurance, there’s probably some basic coverage for storage there. But that coverage is typically minimal. You may only be protected for a fraction of the value of your items, and there may be stipulations on how that value is calculated and what type of damage/loss is covered. And at many storage facilities, Mini Mall included, additional coverage is required.   
  1. Financial protection 
    One of the biggest reasons most people opt for added coverage on their storage unit is the financial protection it offers against damage, loss, theft, natural disasters, and so on. The storage facility itself is covered with commercial insurance, but that coverage is designed to protect the building and property and doesn’t extend to your personal effects. Purchasing a storage protection plan will help you recover the cost of your belongings in the event of an unexpected loss. 
  1. Options, and lots of them 
    From sensitive electronics to vintage collectibles, some items demand royal treatment. Storage protection plans offer a cornucopia of options tailored to your stored treasures’ specific needs. Bid adieu to any headaches or stress caused by nature’s temperature tantrums and give yourself added piece of mind by choosing a policy that protects the value of your most sensitive items. Pro-tip: think climate control.  For a full explainer on the benefits of climate controlled storage and what it is, check out our blog!
  1. No hassle cancellation 
    Flexibility is the name of the game, and protection plans offer it in spades. You don’t have to lock yourself into a 12-month-long commitment or anything like that. There are flexible options to give you coverage for only as long as your stuff is in storage. This can be especially convenient if you need storage for an unknown amount of time—like when you’re buying a house and aren’t sure what the possession date will be. Or for students who don’t want to commit to a fixed term and prefer to go month-by-month.  
  1. A transaction as easy as 1…2…3… 
    If you’re worried that getting a protection plan sounds complicated, don’t be. The whole process is as easy as pie, and it happens right at the point of sale. So, when you come in to rent a unit, if you opt for the Storage Protection Program, you’ll be covered as soon as the transaction is complete. Boom, done! Sleep easy.  

At Mini Mall Storage, it’s important to us that your belongings are well protected. Therefore, we require all tenants to have a valid protection plan policy. You can be covered with your own protection plan and provide proof of coverage with your policy number, coverage overview, start date, and expiry date when you book your storage unit. Or, we offer tenants added protection through our Mini Mall Storage Protection Program. Speak to your Storage Concierge Specialist to learn more or contact us today. 

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