How to Prep Your Vehicle for Self Storage: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Life’s all about adventures, and our trusty vehicles are the gateways to those journeys. But what happens when we need to tuck them away for a while? Can you put your car in self storage? Relax! Mini Mall Storage has your back, providing a safe haven for your ride.  

Whether you’re stashing your classic car for winter hibernation or just want to gear up for more space, Mini Mall Storage provides a range of indoor and outdoor solutions. 

Ready? In this guide, we’ll take you through the simple steps to prepare your vehicle for self storage. 

Prepping your Vehicle for Storage

Step 1: Easy Breezy Clean-Up 

Before you bid farewell to your vehicle for a while, give it a good old clean-up. Wash away the dust and dirt, both inside and out. A clean ride not only looks good but also keeps critters and strange (yet familiar) odors at bay. We see and appreciate you, old McD’s wrapper. 

Pro Tip: Feeling extra? Give your ride’s exterior a quality wax. 

Step 2: Keep the Heart Happy – Oil Change 

Show some love to your vehicle’s heart—the engine. Give it an oil change (bonus points if you do it yourself) and top up other fluids to keep it in tip-top shape.  

Step 3: Tire Time – No Flat Surprises 

Keep your tires inflated to the levels suggested by the manufacturer to avoid those annoying flat spots. Plus, the gas station air pump helps rid your car of spare change during clean-up! If you’re planning a long hibernation, consider using jack stands to ease the pressure on your trusty rubber companions. 

Step 4: Battery TLC – Prevent the Silent Killer 

The last thing you want is a dead battery. Prevent it by disconnecting the battery or using a battery maintainer to keep it charged up and ready for action. This step will also prevent any potential electrical issues while in storage. 

Step 5: Fill ‘Er Up and Shield the Engine 

Top off your gas tank to keep moisture at bay and prevent fuel system hiccups. You might save a few bucks on gas by the time you return!  

Pro tip: Throw in a fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel from getting cranky over time. 

Step 6: Grease the Wheels – Keep It Smooth 

Give your ride some TLC by lubricating hinges, locks, and other moving parts. A little grease goes a long way to keep everything running smoothly. 

Step 7: Cover It Up with Care 

For physical coverage, wrap your ride in a breathable car cover or tarp to protect it from dust and pesky visitors. Ensure the cover lets your ride breathe to avoid unwanted moisture surprises.  

Remember to review or update your documents for insurance coverage and ensure they adequately protect your stored belongings. 

Step 8: Pit Stops Along the Way 

While Mini Mall Storage keeps a close eye on your ride with advanced security measures, it’s nice to drop by and say hello every now and then. Start the engine for a quick chat to keep your ride feeling appreciated.  

Next Steps: 

Mini Mall Storage is your go-to spot for vehicle storage when they’re not on the road. With our steps to prep your ride for self storage, you can trust that it’ll be ready for action when you’re back in the driver’s seat.  

Ready to get storing? Connect with us to reserve your space today and ensure your vehicle is in good hands.  

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