Bristol, VA: 5 Cool Things about this Unforgettable Town  

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Not to be confused with the British city it was named after, Bristol, VA, is a town that captures the imagination with its unique character, good vibes, natural beauty, and rich history. Mini Mall Storage has been yodeling Bristol’s praises for years, so if you’re new to the area or thinking of making the move—here are a few delightful knowledge-nuggets about Bristol that will have you head-over-heels. 

State Street in Bristol TN/VA

  1. It has a Split Personality (in a good way!) 
    In Bristol, Main Street, also known as State Street, is the invisible line dividing Tennessee and Virginia. Once upon a time, the town was called Bristol on the Tennessee side and Goodsonville on the Virginia side. But as fate would have it, these neighboring towns grew so close that in 1890, they decided to get married and live happily ever after. Today, businesses along State Street proudly showcase the town’s unique status, proving that if you like it, you should definitely put a ring on it.  

Birthplace of Country Music Museum

  1. It’s the Birthplace of Country  
    Bristol’s biggest claim to fame is its distinction as the birthplace of country music. Legend has it that the very first country tunes were echoing through the streets of Bristol in the late 1920s. Recognizing the town’s pivotal role in the evolution of this distinctly American genre, the U.S. Congress officially declared Bristol the birthplace of country music in 1998. Head over to the Birthplace of Country Music Museum to immerse yourself in the history of the music that we all know and love.  
man playing guitar
  1. Hotspot on Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail 
    The music scene in Bristol isn’t just a thing of the past; it’s alive and kickin’ up its heels! As part of Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail, Bristol hosts live performances almost every night. Whether you’re into toe-tapping bluegrass or soul-stirring folk, Bristol has something to keep your ears delighted and your boots two-steppin’ the night away.  

  1. Part of the Wilderness Road 
    Calling all history buffs! Did you know that Bristol was also pivotal in shaping the American frontier? No lie. The town was an important stop on the Wilderness Road trail that was blazed by none other than the legendary g.o.a.t., American folk hero Daniel Boone. The Road is a 200-mile-long path that took early settlers from Virginia all the way to Kentucky. Imagine the tales of adventure that echo through the ages as you walk the same steps as pioneers of old. 

The Bristol Caverns

  1. There Are Some Really Cool Caves  
    Just outside of town lies a hidden world waiting to be explored. The Bristol Caverns are millions of years old and offer a unique glimpse into the Earth’s mysterious depths. Step into these ancient chambers, illuminated with modern lighting, for a blow-your-mind experience that’ll make you feel like Batman. It might not have been on your bucket list before, but trust us, once you catch a glimpse of these strangely beautiful caves, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t visited sooner. 

You’ll come for the…well, whatever your reasons are… and you’ll stay for…you know, all the reasons that you’ll stay. The town slogan is, “A good place to live,” so let’s go with that. You’ll stay because it’s a good place to live! And you know that Mini Mall Storage in Bristol, VA is here to make your move as smooth as possible because that’s just how we roll. With a range of unit sizes, climate control, and 24/7 security—you can safely store your stuff with us for as long as you need to. Reach out today to make a reservation—it only takes a minute! Looking for more adventure in the area? Explore Johnson City, TN and Kingsport, TN with us too!

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