More Than Essential: The 10 Best Packing and Moving Supplies 

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Does packing up your belongings and moving them feel like a never-ending task you want to never-ever start? It’s a bit like trying to fit a puzzle together while navigating through a maze of cardboard boxes. But guess what? There’s more to it than just throwing stuff in a box and calling it a day. In fact, packing is a bit of an art form! Call us Picasso because Mini Mall Storage is here to help turn your packing woes into woah! 

Keep reading as we call out the ten best packing and moving supplies to make your trip to self storage or your new place a whole lot better. 

packing and moving supplies from Mini Mall Storage
  1. Sturdy Boxes 

Let’s start with the basics, but not just any basics. Invest in sturdy, high-quality boxes that won’t buckle under pressure.  

Pro Tips: Opt for various sizes to accommodate your different belongings—small boxes for heavy items and larger ones for lighter stuff.  

If your moving boxes don’t have handles, consider cutting out a section on each side and reinforcing it with tape to help carry. 

  1. Packing Tape 

It may seem like a no-brainer, but trust us, investing in good packing tape can make all the difference. The last thing you want is for your boxes to fall apart in transit.  

Pro Tip: Double seal the bottoms of your boxes for added strength. 

  1. Bubble Wrap 

Bubble wrap isn’t just for popping fun—though that’s a bonus. It’s an essential tool for protecting delicate items like glassware, electronics, and fragile decorations.  

Pro Tip: Don’t be stingy with the bubbles; wrap your items generously. And grab extra for amusing yourself while you transit. 

  1. Packing Paper 

Don’t underestimate the power of packing paper! It’s perfect for wrapping and cushioning your items within boxes. Plus, it’s eco-friendly!  

Pro Tip: Crumple up some paper to create padding at the bottom of your boxes for extra cushioning. Be mindful of newspaper and other print materials that may transfer ink to your belongings. 

  1. Furniture Covers 

Keep your furniture in tip-top shape with protective covers. Dust and scratches don’t stand a chance! Be sure to watch for elastic seams to ensure the cover won’t slip off while moving. 

Pro Tip: Before covering your furniture, ensure it’s clean and dry to prevent moisture buildup. 

  1. Mattress Bags 

Mattresses are an investment, so protect them with specialized mattress bags during the move. A decent mattress bag can also cost a little more than expected, so plan to keep and reuse the one you have! 

Pro Tip: Label the bags with the mattress size for easy identification. 

  1. Packing Peanuts 

For items that need extra protection, packing peanuts is your secret weapon. They provide a cushioned environment, keeping your valuables safe and sound. Packing peanuts are especially useful for odd-shaped items, like lamps, vases, and other fragile items that need more support than paper. 

Pro Tips: Place a layer of packing peanuts at the top of your boxes to ensure a snug fit.  

Plus, certain brands offer eco-friendly packing peanuts, so be sure to shop around. 

  1. Stretch Wrap 

When in doubt, stretch wrap it out. Use stretch wrap to secure loose items, bundle smaller boxes together, or protect your furniture from dust and dirt.  

Pro Tip: Wrap your dresser drawers in stretch wrap so your clothes stay put during the move. 

  1. Moving Blankets 

Moving blankets are a must for bulky and delicate items like furniture, appliances, and artwork. If you plan to stack items in a moving truck or self storage unit, these blankets make a great buffer between items, too. 

Pro Tip: Stack your items vertically when possible and pad them with blankets for added protection. 

  1. Labels and Markers 

Organization is key during a move, and labels and markers are your best friends. Clearly mark your boxes to make unpacking a breeze. Bonus points if you keep one around your neck on a lanyard. That’s efficient! 

Pro Tip: Use color-coded labels for each room or area to save time and headaches. 

woman packing a moving box for storage

But wait, there’s more!  

Check out the less commonly thought of packing supplies that can really make a difference: 

Furniture Sliders: These nifty gadgets make moving heavy furniture a breeze without scratching your floors. 

Rubber Bands: Use them to keep cords and cables organized and untangled. 

Ziplock Bags: Perfect for small items, hardware, and screws. Label them to know which piece belongs where. 

Plastic Wrap: Like stretch wrap, you can wrap smaller items like silverware trays or utensil organizers to keep everything in place. 

Itching to go? Check out Mini Mall Storage’s Moving, Packing and storage supplies to get a head start on your shopping.  

Remember, packing your stuff isn’t just about quick and easy solutions. It’s about ensuring your belongings stay safe, organized, and accessible when you’re retrieving them from self storage or unpacking at your next spot. The proper packing and moving supplies can make a difference, turning a stressful move into a smooth situation. 

Looking for more packing tips? We got it covered.  

Our experts at Mini Mall Storage are always ready to help. Reserve your self storage unit online today, send a message, or call us. We’re excited to be part of your next chapter. 

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