7 US & Canadian Cities with Mild Weather Year-round 

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Some people like extreme heat, some people like extreme cold… at Mini Mall, we have a natural affinity for all things climate-controlled, so we’re especially partial to weather that’s mild and pleasant all year round, even as the seasons change. Just like Goldilocks, we’re looking for something that’s just right. Keep reading for a little Mini Mall sampling of cities across Canada and the US that serve up even-tempered weather 12 months of the year.  

Charlotte, NC
  1. Charlotte, North Carolina  
    The region surrounding Charlotte, including neighboring cities like Kannapolis, has a lot to boast about, including its delightful climate characterized by mild winters and warm summers. Charlotte experiences four distinct seasons, but temperatures stay within the range of 33.8 F (1 C) to 89.6 (32 C). Oddly enough, Charlotte has one of the worst weather radar gaps in the US… but that’s probably because the locals are trying to keep this gem to themselves. 
Little River, SC
  1. Little River, South Carolina 
    In the charming coastal town of Little River, South Carolina, the weather offers a perfect balance of warmth and comfort. Little River can be as warm and sultry as a Nora Roberts novel and is a haven for those seeking mild climates with a temperature range that sits between 37.4 F (3 C) and 87.8 F (31 C).  
Long Beach, California

  1. Long Beach, California 
    Long Beach, California, enjoys an enviable Mediterranean climate, with mild temperatures and abundant sunshine throughout the year. Whether you’re strolling along the waterfront or exploring the city’s vibrant culture, the weather in Long Beach is always delightful, with a daily average of 64.9 F (18.3 C).  
Maple Ridge, BC

  1. Maple Ridge, British Columbia 
    Like much of the Lower Mainland, Maple Ridge has an oceanic climate with temperate weather year-round. Summers don’t get too hot, and the winters are chilly but wet with little snowfall. The daily average temperature is approximately 9.9 C (49.8 F) and the city sees approximately 1950 hours of sunshine annually.  
Nanaimo, BC
  1. Nanaimo, British Columbia 
    This quiet community on the east coast of Vancouver Island has a temperature that’s mild and pleasant all year round. Summers are comfortable and dry, while winters are cloudy and wet with very little snowfall compared to the rest of Canada. The daily average temperature is 10.1 C (50.2 F) with approximately 1940 hours of sunshine annually.  
Penticton, BC
  1. Penticton, British Columbia 
    In the heart of the Okanagan Valley, Penticton has a semi-arid climate with dry, hot, sunny summers that tempt tourists from across the country. Penticton has the mildest winter of any inland city in Canada making it a top choice for people who hate shoveling snow but still want to go skiing in the winter. The daily average is 9.5 C (49.1 F) with approximately 1923 hours of sunshine per year.  
Vancouver, BC
  1. Vancouver, British Columbia 
    BC’s most populated city is attractive to residents because of its balmy temperature and lack of snowfall. The city has the fewest days below zero in all of Canada with a warm-summer Mediterranean climate and high rainfall. Vancouver’s daily average temperature sits at approximately 10.4 C (50.7 F), and despite its reputation for rain, the city sees about 1937 hours of sunshine yearly.  

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are dozens more cities across North America with beautifully mild weather, but not all of them have the benefit of being home to a Mini Mall storage location… so… you know… bit of a dealbreaker if you ask us. And when it comes to storing your belongings in any climate, Mini Mall Storage is the place to go. With our climate-controlled facilities and expert service, we’ll keep your items safe and secure, no matter the weather. Visit Mini Mall Storage today for all your storage needs. 

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