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July 13th, 2021

Free Up Your Living Space: Store Seasonal Items in Your Storage Unit

How many times have you told yourself that this year, when you change your tires or pack away your summer clothes, you’ll make sure you have the space? The changing seasons seem to be a natural time to reassess how we use our living space — but it’s also great time to think about how to use your self storage space more effectively. No matter what size your house, you can use your storage unit to stash away seasonal items and free up living space. Save yourself tripping over the bicycles or the Christmas lights by making the most of your unit. All it takes it a bit of organization and planning.

Here’s how to use your storage unit for seasonal items:

Label everything. You might think you’ll remember where you stash your favourite shorts or camping gear, but when the warm spring breezes are blowing again you’ll want quick and easy access.

Pack strategically. If you know you’ll be back for an item before all the others, put it where it’s easily accessible. Arrange items you’ll store for the longer-term at the back. Consider laying things out in categories – put clothing in one area, household items in another, outdoor gear in a third. Draw yourself a map, if it helps, and keep it on your phone. Then when you visit to swap out your items you’ll be in and out in a flash.

Use durable containers. Plastic bins with a tight-fitting lid are the sturdiest and will keep out dust and moisture.

Pack properly. Make sure breakables are wrapped carefully and stashed in appropriate containers. Wrap your summer (or winter) tires in garbage bags to protect them and your other items.

Clean everything first. Give your bike a wash and tune-up before you put it away. Make sure your patio furniture has been wiped down. Clean up your garden implements. Check the storage instructions for items like lawnmowers, boats and motorcycles.

Think about temperature. Items like musical instruments, antiques, or books need a constant temperature. Is your unit temperature-controlled? Think about how cold or hot the environment might be over the season.

Keep your valuables at home, not in your storage unit. If you store all the other gear you aren’t using in the unit, you’ll have plenty of room for those extra-special items.

And finally, enjoy your clutter-free space! You’ll be amazed how much room you’ll gain when your out-of-season gear is tucked neatly away in your storage unit. Do you need to rent storage space? Calculate how much you’ll need with our storage unit size calculator or get in touch to learn about our affordable rental options.

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