Get to know the 5 x 5 Storage Unit

5x5 self storage unit

Say hello to the baby of the storage family. Small but mighty, this 5 x 5 unit houses 25-square feet of opportunity. With a bit of Tetris technique, the 5 x 5 can store more than you might think.

What Fits in the 5 x 5 Storage Unit

While it’s small enough to easily manage household clutter, seasonal decor, and boxes, it’s also great for appliances, small furniture, and odd shapes like camping gear or sports equipment. Think of it like a walk-in closet that isn’t attached to your bedroom.

Speaking of bedrooms, the 5 x 5 is ready for a mattress—as long as it’s smaller than a queen. Throw in a dresser, golf clubs, a few boxes, and winter tires; you’ll be laughing. This popular unit is great for holding various items from a small apartment or all the furnishings of a bedroom or office.

We know that household items can drastically vary in size and shape. To ensure you choose the perfect size with no surprises, check out our Size Calculator. All you need is an idea of everything you intend to store. Enter the items into the calculator and include the quantity of each item. BOOM! You’ll be feeling like Einstein and ready to get moving. If you’re a visual person, check out an example unit here.

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