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Storing Blankets, bedding, and linens with Mini Mall STorage

Storing linens and bedding at home can feel like you’re playing a strange, hard-to-win game of squishy Tetris—especially when faced with limited space, sensitive fabrics, and bulky blankets. The linen closet might seem like your only choice, but at some point, you’ll probably find yourself overwhelmed by fluffy blankets and bulky bedding. Thankfully, there are other options! And whether you’re aiming for better home organization or safeguarding delicate textiles for the long haul, Mini Mall Storage has you covered.   

Woman storing towels, bedding, and other linens

At-Home Bedding Storage   

For quick and easy storage at home, there are a few different ways you can approach storing your linens, bedding, and blankets. If you’re anything like us, your linen closet is on the brink of exploding like a jack-in-the-box the next time you open the door. Here are a few storage tips to help you keep it more organized and less explosion-prone.   

Limit what goes in the closet—organize your linen closet by limiting what goes in there. This might be just towels and sheets, with blankets stored elsewhere… or vice versa. By limiting what you need to keep in the closet, you’ll have an easier time keeping items tidy and together and finding what you’re looking for.  

wicker basket with blanket

Get decorative—There are a few ways to turn your fuzzy blanket collection into stylish decor if you opt to take them out of the closet and store them somewhere else in your home. Try rolling blankets into logs and stuffing them inside an oversized basket or draping them over a blanket ladder for quick and easy access that’s organized and chic.   

Get sneaky—Have an ottoman or couch with storage underneath? Perfect place to hide your favorite blankies. This is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have the patience to roll each blanket up into a perfect little log or who has… something against baskets… we know you’re out there.   

using a vacuum-sealed bag to store blankets

Bag ‘em up—Another great option for storing certain types of blankets or extra linens is to invest in some good quality vacuum-sealed bags. When you suck the air out of these bags, you can drastically reduce the amount of space that each blanket takes up, and because they’re nicely sealed, you don’t have to worry about moisture damage, dirt, dust or pests. And as a bonus, you can store them in the underutilized storage areas of your house—like under your bed.   

bedding in preparation to be stored at Mini Mall Storage

Long-term Bedding Storage  

For linens and bedding made of like… actual linen… or another fussy fabric, you’ll want to take a customized approach. Below are some special storage considerations to keep in mind when stashing specific fabrics, or when storing your items long-term.  

When storing cotton bedding and blankets, you’ll want to ensure they’re in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Cotton can stretch over time, so hanging 100% cotton blankets is not a great approach long-term. But placing cotton sheets in a vacuum-sealed bag or large plastic container is a great way to keep your fabrics dust and pest-free.   

Most people consider linen bedding somewhat of an investment since it can be pricier than synthetic options, so proper storage is critical to its longevity. When storing linen, climate-control is absolutely crucial. Linen loves the fresh feeling of a light breeze through its fibers and will develop mildew if exposed to moisture while in storage.   

Like linen, wool loves climate-control and is not a fan of moisture. While linen needs to breathe a bit to stay in the best shape, you can go the route of cotton and store your big wool blankets in an air-tight bag or container to keep them away from moisture, dust, and pests.   

Goose down  
Oooh, is there anything quite as nice as an oversized fluffy goose-down duvet to keep you warm during the winter months? Or a couple of soft goose-down pillows to go with it? Goose-down loves air flow, so just like your linen, the best place to store goose down is in a clean, dry place with lots of room to breathe. If you must bag your goose down, opt for cotton storage bags to allow moisture to escape.   

Synthetic fibers  
Versatile and inexpensive synthetic fibers are the easiest to store and are safe to toss into a vacuum-sealed bag. We won’t even judge you if you don’t fold first. Just go ahead and mash ‘em in there. With synthetics, you don’t have to worry as much about damaging the fibers because they’ll fluff right back up when you take them out of the bag. 

Whether you’re on a mission to declutter or simply seeking a snug spot for your favorite blankets, Mini Mall Storage is here to help. And if you can’t turn your blankets into chic decor or vacuum-seal your way to space-saving bliss at home, we have the storage solutions you need to free yourself from unruly fabric-induced anxiety and rest easy. So, if you’re looking for a safe, secure place to store your belongings, look no further. Our friendly staff are always ready to answer any questions and find the perfect storage solution for your needs. Rent a unit today!  

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