How to Properly Store Outdoor and Camping Gear | A Guide

Camping with Mini Mall Storage

Whether you’re an avid camper, a weekend warrior, or simply someone with a bit of a gear obsession, properly storing your outdoor equipment is key to keeping it in great shape for years to come. At Mini Mall Storage, we’re all about helping you make the most of your adventures by keeping your gear ready for action. 

Is the outdoors calling? If your phone still rings, you haven’t left service yet! Let’s dive into some simple yet crucial tips for storing common outdoor items so you can hit the road ready.

Tents: Pitch Perfect

Your tent is your home away from home when you’re out in the wild. Proper storage can significantly extend its life and functionality.

Air It Out: Always air out your tent after use to prevent mold and mildew. A dry tent is a happy tent.

Gentle Folding: Avoid the temptation to stuff your tent into its bag. Gently fold it and store it in a cool, dry place in a breathable storage bag.

Pole Care: Take care of your tent poles by cleaning them and storing them separately to avoid stress on the elastic.

sleeping bags being prepared for storage

Sleeping Bags: Your Snug Companion

You pitch your tent and lay your mat, but what’s this—a molded mess? Not on our watch. Sleeping bags can last a long time with the right care. Here’s how to ensure yours remains a cozy refuge. For more info on storing bedding and other fabrics, check out our blog!

Wash According to Instructions: Keeping your sleeping bag clean is essential. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely and let the bag dry fully.

Loose Storage: Resist the urge to squish and tie. Store your sleeping bag loosely in a large cotton or mesh bag, not compressed in its stuff sack, to maintain loft and insulation.

camping supplies before being stored

Camping Stoves and Fuel: The Key to Campsite Cuisine

A clean and well-maintained stove ensures you’re always ready to whip up a gourmet meal in the great outdoors—or at least some runny eggs and a hot dog.

Thorough Cleaning: Make sure your stove and cookware are free of leftover food and grease. A good scrub and patient drying goes a long way!

Fuel Storage: Store fuel canisters separately, in a ventilated area, away from any potential ignition sources.


mountain bike before being stored

Bikes: Stay Ride Ready

Whether hitting the trails or cruising the city streets, your bike deserves a bit of TLC during off-season storage.

A Clean Ride: Dirt, mud, and debris are no friends to your bike. Give it a good wash before storage.

Lubricate: A well-oiled bike prevents rust and ensures smooth operation. Pay attention to the chain and moving parts.

Elevate or Hang: Keep your bike off the ground to avoid tire damage and save space. Specialized racks are great for this.

kayaks in use before being stored

Kayaks and Boats: Masters of Waterways

Kayaks and boats offer a unique way to explore nature with friends or solo on the water. Keep them in tip-top shape with these storage tips.

Rinse and Dry: Saltwater and freshwater remnants can damage your boat over time. Rinse thoroughly and let it dry.

Store Properly: Upside down or on its side on a rack is ideal to maintain shape and avoid damage.

rollerskates being put on before storage

Skateboards and Roller Skates: Fun on Wheels

From the skatepark to the sunny strip, wheels make everything better! Keep the fun rolling smoothly by properly caring for your skates and skateboards.

Clean Bearings Regularly: Goodbye dirt and rocks! This will keep your ride smooth and extend the life of your wheels.

Moisture-Free Storage: Store in a dry place to prevent warping and rust. If possible, remove the insoles to clean and dry before storage.

patio furniture being prepared for storage

Outdoor Furniture: Protect Your Leisure Gear

Outdoor furniture can suffer from the elements more than any other gear. If covering your stuff every time it rains or bringing it inside is out of the question, here’s how to keep it like new.

Clean Before Storing: Remove dirt, debris, and any moisture to prevent mildew and rust.

Use Protective Covers: Even in storage, covers can prevent dust buildup and protect against unexpected leaks or dampness.

Why The Fuss?

Storing your gear with care extends its life, saves you money, and spares you from the agony of discovering your gear has been ruined by mold, rust, or sneaky critters. Plus, it means you’re always ready for the next adventure without last-minute purchases or repairs. Winning!

Mini Mall Storage Wisdom

Whether you’ve got all the gear or have a well-curated selection that some may call random, there are some tips that are universal.

Organization is Key: Keep your similar items together and label boxes. Check out our other packing tips to prep like a pro.

Climate Control Rocks: We have you covered for the gear that hates humidity and temperature extremes.

Accessibility: Store items you use most at the front. If choosing is harder than picking a favorite child, you’re on your own.

Remember, a little effort in storage means a lot more joy in the great outdoors. Keep it clean, keep it dry, and keep it ready for your next adventure. 

If your outdoor gear or camping equipment needs a safe place to call home in the off-season, Mini Mall Storage is here to help. Send a message, give us a call, or find self storage near you!

Here’s to your next adventure!

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