Mastering Moving Day in Quebec: A Guide to a Stress-free Move 

Ah, July 1st, a time to celebrate Canada or move on Quebec’s traditional moving day. We know what you might be thinking: a whole province moving on one specific day? You bet! And it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Moving Day in Quebec is a long-running tradition dating back to the French Colonial period and is a tradition that’s very much a part of the culture to this day.   

Mini Mall Storage has all the information you need for a successful Moving Day in Quebec, the history behind the day, and answers to some of your other burning questions.   

Why is There a Moving Day in Quebec? 

Moving Day originated in the French Colonial period so tenants wouldn’t be evicted during the winter. It was originally on May 1st because that is when most residential leases begin. In 1973, the Quebec Government decided to change the date to July 1st to make Moving Day more convenient for parents and avoid disrupting the school year.   

Do You Get a Day-off For Moving Day in Quebec? 

Sadly, the answer is no. Although Canada Day is a statutory holiday, employers do not have to give you time off, paid or otherwise, for Moving Day.   

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A Stress-free Moving Day Experience  

Moving is stressful in any circumstance but have no fear—Mini Mall Storage has all the packing tips to make you a pro! The key to a stress-free moving day is organization. Here are a few of our insider tips and tricks: 

Plan Early: If you have lived in Quebec for a while now, Moving Day is nothing new to you. We assume you have it marked and circled on your calendar. The first step to a successful day is to plan early. At minimum, start packing two weeks before the big day. 

Labels, labels, LABELS: Grab your handy label maker or pack of Sharpies. You will want to label everything properly when packing your home. You can also consider colour-coding your moving boxes by room.  

Don’t Forget Your Boxes: The key here is to get a variety of moving boxes in different sizes. Having the same size box for all your rooms is not ideal. Get a closet box for your clothes, small boxes for your personal or smaller items, and large boxes for bigger items. 

Moving Supplies

Looking for moving supplies? Tired of searching and searching for it? Have no fear! Mini Mall Storage has ensured that our Saint-Thérèse location in Quebec is fully stocked with all the supplies you need. Some of our key moving supplies include:  

  • Moving Dolly  
  • Moving Boxes  
  • Tape  
  • Bubble Wrap  
  • Specialty Boxes  

It’s the perfect all-in-one stop to get supplies and store belongings you aren’t sure what to do with yet.    

Stop Google Searching For “Movers Near Me”

Finding local and trustworthy moving companies in Quebec can be difficult, especially for people who are also looking for additional help with Moving Day approaching. We have compiled a list of movers just for you!   

Moving Downtown 

They offer great rates and even free packing materials for those who hire them. There are also discounts for seniors and students.  

AMJ Campbell 

AMJ Campbell offers home, office, and international moving. They have been around for over 85 years and are experienced movers in Quebec.  

Déménagement DG  

Have peace of mind with Déménagement DG. Not only are they a great moving company, but they also offer protection for your items and are open seven days a week for your convenience.    

Déménagement Le Clan Panneton 

These guys have been in business for 50 years and are local experts. They offer handling, packing, and local or long-distance moving. Get a free quote with them today.  

Are You Ready for Moving Day?

We hope that our breakdown of Moving Day has you excited for your next great adventure and ready for a stress-free day. Whether you are moving to Quebe for the first time, or are just participating in the tradition, having all the tools and a plan in place is essential for an easy transition to your new home.   

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