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Are you moving to Hot Springs? Let our storage experts help ease the transition with our conveniently located storage facilities. We make it simple to store your belongings and get situated quickly so you can spend your time exploring instead.  

Whether you’re staying temporarily or a long time, Hot Springs, Arkansas, offers beauty, history, and a relaxing getaway. Discover and learn our five reasons we think you will fall in love with this quaint town. 

The Hot Springs, naturally. 

Has someone cheekily let you walk through a door first, stating ‘age before beauty?’ In that scenario, Hot Springs National Park would be at a standstill, as it’s the oldest in the country and might be the most beautiful. 

Home to 47 natural hot springs and rightfully known as “America’s Spa,” it’s no wonder this beautiful destination had a record-breaking 2.1 million recreational visits in 2021. While the hot springs are too hot for mere mortals to take a dip, there are plenty of bathhouses on Bathhouse Row offering an authentic experience of the water. The Buckstaff Bathhouse, open since 1912, provides a traditional soak you won’t want to miss. 

No line-ups, no problem. 

Who knew not making a top 10 list could be a good thing? With just over 38,000 people, Hot Springs is Arkansas’s 11th most populated city (out of 616), which invites a slower pace and good riddance to blood-boiling traffic. 

Instead, you can enjoy a walkable city that boasts entertainment, diverse and delicious dining, and quirky shops to peek into. People watchers, this one is for you—check out the Kenneth Adair Memorial Park for incredible historical scenery and open space to set down a picnic blanket and let your mind wander. 

The great outdoors. 

Hot Springs is still the place for you if you love water but prefer it more on the tepid-to-cool side. Find yourself drawn for a swim in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Ouachita, Arkansas’s largest lake, with the beautiful Ouachita National Forest surrounding you. Whether you fancy fishing, boating, kayaking, dog paddling, or roughing it in the bush, the options are endless in Hot Springs’ expansive parks and lakes. 

A view from the top. 

Hot Springs town self storage

Find yourself way up on the Hot Springs Mountain Tower, a 65.8 meter (216 foot) observation deck with panoramic views of the Ouachita Mountains, Hot Springs Mountain, and Diamond Lakes that will take your breath away. If you’re up for a hike, take the 1.5-mile scenic trail to the entrance. 

Brush up on your gangster trivia. 

It’s no Chicago, but Hot Springs was once a haven for the likes of Al Capone, Frank Costello, and other infamous mobsters. What may draw you to Hot Springs now is the same as what drew organized crime back in the 30s—a quiet and serene backdrop for everyday life, uninterrupted. 

If you’re a history lover, you’ll want to make a pit stop at the Gangster Museum of America. Open since 2008, this multi-gallery museum invites guests to get their mafia fix by re-living an exciting period in American History, featuring vintage slot machines, dedicated exhibits for Madden and Capone, a theater, and more. 

A hot spot 

Hot Springs is sneaking up on to the top ten most populated cities in Arkansas, with something for everyone. If you are moving to Hot Springs, let our storage experts help alleviate some of the stress with our stellar service and conveniently located storage facilities. 

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