6 Unexpected Things About Loveland, OH  

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Ohio’s sweetheart city is about 15 miles from Cincinnati, on the edge of the Hamilton, Clermont, and Warren counties. Straddling the Little Miami River, the quaint little town might seem unassuming enough at first… but Mini Mall Storage has found that there’s more to Loveland than meets the eye. Keep reading for our top 6 most unexpected facts you probably didn’t know about the land of love in Ohio.   

Chateau Laroche, the Loveland Castle
  1. It has a castle  
    A castle! In Ohio! It’s true… the Loveland Castle, properly known as Chateau Laroche, was built by medieval enthusiast Harry D. Andrews. Harry got the land by subscribing to the Cincinnati Enquirer for a year and spent a lifetime building the knightly abode of his dreams with his bare hands.    

image of a frog in a pond in loveland, OH
  1. It’s Home to a Mystical Creature  
    Whether or not this is a good or bad thing depends on what you’re into, but we think it’s pretty neat that Loveland has its very own cryptid—the Loveland Frogman. First sighted in the 1950s, he’s said to stand roughly 4 feet tall and was once seen carrying a wand that shoots sparks—very cool, Frogman. Very cool. He’s cemented his place in local lore and is now the town’s official mascot.  

Loveland Bike Trail
  1. There’s a Famous Bike Trail   
    Built along the Little Miami Railroad line, the Loveland Bike Trail is a section of the larger Little Miami Scenic Trail, which follows the Little Miami River through Loveland, Milford, Miami Township, Newtown, and Lebanon. The larger trail is over 70 miles long and has many connections to other paths.   

Fireworks in Loveland, OH
  1. Headquarters of the Rozzi Fireworks Factory  
    Established in 1895 and brought to Ohio in 1930, Rozzi Fireworks has become a local legend with an international reputation for creating the most spectacular pyrotechnic displays. From Montreal to Cannes to Australia, Rozzi Fireworks puts on award-winning fireworks shows that make any event extra memorable. And they have a retail shop, so you can celebrate your own milestones in style.   

  1. High-Profile Hometown Heros   
    A lot of notable people, including Broadway actress Wendy Barrie-Wilson, actress Ashley Palmer, TV personality Jerry Springer, hockey players Don & Tyler Biggs, gold medalist Don Ketchum, pro-golfer Bob Lohr, and many more. Is it just us, or is there something special in the water in Loveland?   

peach orchard in Loveland, OH
  1. A Famous Getaway Town  
    Loveland was once known as the “Little Switzerland of the Miami Valley.” Because of its proximity to Cincinnati, it served for decades as a summer getaway town for the rich. And it’s no wonder–it’s a scenic area, full of natural beauty, and was once well-known for being home to some top-notch peach orchards and strawberry farms.   

So, there you have it—there’s more than meets the eye in Loveland, Ohio. From the captivating and impressive Loveland Castle to the sparky legend of the Loveland Frogman, this city is full of surprises—but finding storage doesn’t have to be one of them. With commercial, self-storage, vehicle storage, and climate-controlled options, Mini Mall Storage has a solution for all your storage needs. Come visit us at 10900 Loveland Madeira Rd. to secure your rental unit today.  

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