Etna and Pataskala, Ohio: Two Towns, One Community  

This week, we’ve cooked up a deal that takes you on a quick zip between Etna and Pataskala—why visit just one when you can enjoy both? It’s possibly the fastest road trip you’ll ever take, but deciding which town you love more might just slow you down!  

Tucked away in the heart of Licking County, these two Ohio towns offer much to discover, and Mini Mall Storage is ready to tour you around and about. Though they are separate entities—a mere six-minute drive apart—their proximity creates a shared community vibe that’s both unique and endearing. 

Let’s find out if you’re ready to set up roots or simply want to peruse the views! 

Etna Township Park

Etna: A Historical Hub 

Etna, a radiant senior (established in 1833), effortlessly combines historical charm with contemporary living. Here, history isn’t just kept in books but is part of everyday life. The Etna Township Park, with its expansive green spaces and modern amenities, is a perfect example of this blend, offering a spot for family picnics and lazy afternoons under the sun. 

For history enthusiasts, Etna showcases its past through well-preserved structures and stories that locals are more than happy to share.

Etna House, In Etna, OH

Things to Enjoy in Etna 

High Point Park: Stop here for a family outing with playgrounds and walking trails at your feet. The well-maintained area is usually quiet, with a gazebo for enjoying a packed lunch or grabbing an ice cream. 

Explore Local History: Take a stroll down Main Street and find cute gift shops or see historic buildings that give a glimpse into the 19th century. 

Aireal view of Pataskala, OH where Mini Mall Storage has a facility

Pataskala: A Cultural Hub  

While it shares historical roots with Etna, Pataskala stakes its claim as the older sister (read: bigger population) and cultural hub, infused with a warmth that’s typical of small-town Ohio. The town shines with community activities and cultural events, particularly at the Sterling Theater, an old gem repurposed as a local arts venue. 

Pataskala’s community spirit is at a peak during its numerous festivals and markets, drawing visitors and locals into a sea of food, music, and crafts. Both cities are a 30-minute drive from the major city of Columbus, making it easy to find small-town fun or big-city excitement all in one day.  

The Stearling Theater which displays a background for actors and actresses

Things to Enjoy in Pataskala 

Sterling Theater: Catch a local play or a musical performance in the historic theater. 

Hit the Links: Golf enthusiasts (and their begrudged non-golfer friends) will appreciate the Broadview Golf Course, offering 18 holes set against the backdrop of Licking County’s beautiful landscapes. 

Seasonal Festivities: There’s always something happening in town, from the annual Pataskala Street Fair to the Farmers Market.

Two people walking through a park

Shared Traits and Community Ties 

Etna and Pataskala share a deep sense of community and a love for their local heritage. Both towns offer residents and visitors the chance to power down and enjoy the simpler side of life. With parks, historical sites, and community-driven events, they foster a wholesome sense of belonging and connection. 

Now the question is, which one suits you better? 

If you’re considering moving to Etna or Pataskala, Mini Mall Storage can help. Our accessible, safe and secure range of storage units makes it easy to pack, store, declutter, or downsize. 

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