How to Safeguard Your Keepsakes with Self-Storage

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Are you the type of person who still has your baby blanket? What about a box of your favorite childhood VHS tapes? We get it! We know how much your keepsakes mean to you—they’re not just belongings but cherished pieces of your life’s journey. At Mini Mall Storage Properties, we’re more than just a self-storage facility; we’re here to be your memory protectors. Let’s dive into how you can ensure your treasures remain safe and sound.

The Do’s:

Wrap it with Love: Before stowing away your keepsakes, wrap them gently in soft materials like bubble wrap or tissue paper. Some folks prefer to use newspapers, but be mindful of things that could absorb or transfer the ink. Hollow items like glassware or vases should be gently packed on the inside to offset external pressure.

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Label, Label, Label: Create an inventory list and label your boxes clearly. This simple step will save you from countless headaches when you want to find a specific memory down the road.

Climate Control Matters: Our climate-controlled storage units shield your possessions from temperature fluctuations and humidity. Do you own an OG version of the Lion King? Certain items, like VHS tapes, old family photos, antique furniture, and delicate artwork, need extra protection from climatic changes.

Extra Padding for Fragile Items: If you have delicate items like heirloom china or glassware, add layers of protection by using cushioning materials like eco-friendly packing peanuts or foam pads.

The Don’ts:

Avoid Overstuffing: While it may be tempting to fit everything into one box, avoid overstuffing. It can lead to damage, especially for fragile items, as they can knock against each other during transportation.

No Food or Perishables: As much as we love good food, keeping it out of your storage unit is best. Edible items can attract pests and cause unwanted trouble.

No Harsh Chemicals: Keep hazardous materials, such as gasoline, paint, or cleaning chemicals, far away from your keepsakes. These substances can pose risks to both your belongings and our storage facility.

The Sentimental Side

Your keepsakes hold stories of laughter, love, and milestones. From Grandma’s vintage quilt that kept you warm on chilly nights to the stack of love letters from your high school sweetheart, these treasures are woven into the fabric of your life. At Mini Mall Storage Properties, we understand the sentimental value of your belongings, and our units provide a haven to safeguard those memories for generations to come.

aged journals and letters that need climate controlled storage

What Needs Climate Control?

Weather can be unpredictable, making climate-controlled storage essential for various items. Imagine preserving delicate wooden furniture from degrading or protecting your vinyl record collection from warping due to humidity changes. Climate control is also crucial for storing electronics, old books, your prized 8th grade science project, and artwork susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

Get Started

Your keepsakes deserve the utmost care and protection. At Mini Mall Self Storage Properties, we offer a variety of storage units in Canada and the United States with advanced protection to ensure your memories stay intact for years to come.

Visit our website or give us a call to reserve your unit today. Let’s preserve your memories together!

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