Choosing the Right Fit: Storage Units vs. Storage Lockers  

Mini mall Storage storage units vs storage lockers guide

Closet away from home, treasure cabinet, storage unit, chamber of secrets, possession palace, gear garage, storage locker, clutter cavern… There are so many terms in the storage world that sometimes it’s hard to keep them straight. But at Mini Mall Storage, we’ve found that the two that cause the most confusion are “storage unit” and “storage locker,” so what’s the difference? Let’s explore.   

Mini Mall Storage unit with boxes and other goods

What is a Storage Unit?   

Storage units are typically large empty spaces you can walk into, like a room. They come in various sizes, from a 5 x 5 unit (about the size of a walk-in closet) to 10 x 30 (closer to the size of an oversized garage). Storage units can store almost anything, from your great-aunt Glenda’s heirloom dresser to seasonal items, extra clothes, or even a vehicle.   

storage lockers

Okay, so What’s a Storage Locker?  

A storage locker is like a storage unit but a bit smaller. Lockers are more like secure cabinets designed to store smaller items. Storage lockers can be as small as a few square inches, like a bank lock box, or as large as a typical closet. They are generally stacked, so rather than 8 feet of height you’d find in a storage unit, a locker will typically be between 1 and 6 feet high.   

a man and his father storing in a Mini Mall Storage unit

How To Know Which One You Need  

There are a few factors that can influence the decision, including the following:   

Number of items: Both storage units and storage lockers can be used to store a wide variety of things, and choosing one or the other might simply come down to the number of items you have to store and the size of the unit you need.  

Duration: For short term needs like a home renovation project, you might decide that a spacious storage unit is the best way to go because it doesn’t have to be super organized and will give you enough room to store large furniture. But if you have a few small items that need year-round storage, a locker might be your best bet.   

Cost: Another important deciding factor could be the cost difference. Larger units are typically more expensive, so a locker might be the better option if size isn’t an issue and you’re on a limited budget.   

Sensitivity: When choosing storage of any kind, you’ll also need to consider whether your items are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature or humidity and will require a climate controlled storage solution.  

Accessibility: Factors like ease of loading and unloading, proximity to parking areas, and the availability of drive-up access for larger items are also important considerations.   

At Mini Mall Storage, we’re here to help you find the perfect storage solution to suit your needs, whether a spacious unit or a convenient locker. Contact us today to explore your options and take the first step towards decluttering and organizing your space. Reserve online, send a message, or call one of our convenient storage locations to get started.  

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