Considering a Move to Newton, NC? Here Are 5 big Employers in The Area   

Thinking about moving to the “Brilliant legacy, bright future” town of Newton, North Carolina? We don’t blame you! Here at Mini Mall Storage, we think Newton is a fantastic place to call home. The population is 13,000 and going strong, and the city offers a relaxed and laid-back lifestyle, access to beautiful natural scenery, and all the modern conveniences you could ask for.    

If you’re planning a move to this charming locale and want to check out the job market, take a look at our pick of five big employers in the area. According to City Data, Furniture and product manufacturing is one of the city’s largest sectors. So, it’s no wonder that most of the top employers in the city fall into that category. The City of Newton states that “Newton has transitioned from a furniture and textile manufacturing economy to a diversified manufacturing and service economy” and that diversification means there are plenty of large employers to choose from, including:   

Bassett Furniture
  1. Bassett Furniture  
    Bassett Furniture has a good reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality home furnishings that are made to last yet affordable. Newton is home to its Upholstery Division, which specializes in quality construction and expert design of showstopping pieces that are as comfortable as they are stylish.   

  1. Corning  
    Corning is famous for being a world leader in the science and manufacture of glass and ceramic technologies. Their innovative products are used in environmental and pharmaceutical technologies, life sciences, optical communications, and the glass used in consumer products like phones and displays.   

Flower foods
  1. Flowers Foods  
    Flowers Foods is a large-scale bakery that’s earned its place as America’s source of fresh bread, buns, and baked goods. Its umbrella includes several different brands, such as Wonder, Nature’s Own, and Merita. Flowers Foods is on a mission to ensure that “Life is full of delicious moments,” and quite frankly, we’re here for it.   
GKN Automotive
  • GKN Automotive  
    A global leader in automotive technology and a pioneer of electric drive systems, GKN is a trusted partner for major auto manufacturers around the world. Their specialty is driveline systems and advanced ePowertrain tech, and they have a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to ePowertrain assembly right here in Newton.   

Wanzl (Technibilt)
  1. Wanzl (Technibilt)  
    Technibilt/Cari-All was bought out in 2012 and now falls under the Wanzl umbrella, but whatever you know them as, this wiry international producer of metal shopping carts, shelving, and more is a local staple with the Wanzl North American headquarters right here in Newton over on Technibilt Drive.   

A Bright Future Awaits You in Newton  
Newton has focused on economic diversification to solidify the city’s future as a place where families can thrive. Add in the excellent access to beautiful natural areas, convenient shopping, and a thriving cultural scene, and Newton becomes a desirable option for those seeking a high quality of life. Whether you’re starting a career, raising a family, or simply looking for a peaceful place to call home, Newton is a great option.  

Thinking of making the move? Mini Mall Storage can help make the transition easier. We offer convenient storage solutions to help you secure your belongings while you get settled. You’ll find us on Nathan Street, just down the road from Danner Auto Sales. Our proximity to US-70 Highway and Interstate 40 makes it easy to access your unit from anywhere in the northwest Newton area. We can handle both residential and commercial storage needs. Contact us today to reserve a unit and let us help you make your move to Newton a success!  

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