The Silver Screen Sanctuary: How to Pack and Store Your TV 

How to store your TV with Mini Mall Storage

Imagine the scene: your beloved TV, the star of many binge-watching marathons and game nights, needs a temporary home. Whether you’re relocating, renovating, or simply reclaiming some space, storing your TV properly is crucial to keep it in award-winning condition. At Mini Mall Storage, we’ve got the insider tips to ensure your television remains the centerpiece of your home entertainment system, even after storage. 

Let’s tune in! 

LED TV being packed and stored

LED TVs: The Lightweight Champions 

LED TVs, known for their slim profiles and vibrant displays, require a touch of finesse when packing. The key lies in protecting the screen from pressure and scratches. 

Pro Tip: Use original packaging whenever possible. The molded Styrofoam is perfect for cushioning the exact dimensions of your TV. If you threw away the packaging, grab a TV moving box online or from your local hardware store! Do your best to create support while maintaining the distance between the screen and the TV box. 

Consideration: Wrap the screen in a soft, microfiber cloth before adding bubble wrap for an extra layer of protection. Avoid materials that can leave marks or residue. 

plasma tv

Plasma TVs: The Delicate Giants 

Plasma TVs may not be as common today, but their unique needs in storage can’t be overlooked. They are heavier, and their screens are more susceptible to burn-in and pressure damage. 

Pro Tip: Always store plasma TVs upright. Laying them flat can put undue pressure on the screen, increasing the risk of internal damage. 

Consideration: Use blankets and furniture pads as an additional buffer against bumps. Secure these with packing tape but ensure the tape doesn’t touch the TV surface directly. 

vintage CRT TV in front of a wood panel background

CRT TVs: The Bulky Legends 

For the vintage tech enthusiasts, CRT TVs require the most robust packing due to their size and shape. 

Pro Tip: While it’s tempting to wrap old tech tightly, ensure there’s ample cushioning around the glass tube to absorb shocks. 

Consideration: Label the box with “heavy” and “fragile” to ensure careful handling. 

drive up storage units at Mini Mall Storage

Mini Mall’s Climate Control: Your TV’s Best Friend 

We’ve got good news! Every type of TV benefits from climate-controlled storage. Fluctuating temperatures and humidity are the archenemies of electronic components. 

Pro Tip: Opting for a climate-controlled storage unit at Mini Mall Storage ensures your TV is protected from extreme cold, heat, and damp conditions that can lead to irreversible damage. 

Consideration: Position your TV away from the door and off the floor. This reduces the risk of accidental knocks and exposure to any potential floor-level moisture. 

wiping dust off the TV before storage

The Storage Setup: Final Prep  

Before storing your TV, take a few additional steps to ensure it’s ready for its hiatus: 

  1. Clean the screen and casing with appropriate cleaners to prevent dust build-up. 
  1. Disconnect all cables, label them, and store them in a separate bag attached to the TV box to avoid cable tangles and loss. 
  1. Insert silica gel packs in the packaging to combat moisture. 
  1. Get a head start on preparing your TV sidekicks for storage with our top tips on DVD and disc packing
moving box with a person holding a sharpie poised to label it

Check and Double-Check 

Once your TV is snug in its box, remember to label the box clearly with the screen size, type, and an arrow indicating the upright position. A quick visit every now and then to check on your electronic buddy wouldn’t hurt, either. 

climate control storage units

Storing Your TV with Confidence 

With these pro tips and Mini Mall Storage’s climate-controlled storage units, you can feel confident knowing your television is stored in optimal conditions, waiting to light up your living room once again. So, go ahead and give your TV the star treatment it deserves at Mini Mall Storage—where your electronics are always in the spotlight. 

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