Mini Mall Storage’s Ultimate Home Organizing Checklist 

Is clutter starting to take over your home? We’re not judging… you can tell us… Does stuff just seem to be piling up? Do you dream of being able to open your cabinets and closets without an avalanche of stuff tumbling out? Fear not, storage friends. Mini Mall Storage has the ultimate home organizing checklist to help you whip your house into such good shape the neighbours will get jealous. We’ll guide you through our three-phase process—decluttering, organizing, and cleaning—to help you take your space from stressed out to totally Zen.  

A woman decluttering her home

Step 1: Declutter 

Cleaning, decluttering, and organizing are often used synonymously, but they’re really three separate phases of a larger process. And if experience has taught us one thing, it’s that decluttering should always come first.  

Start by gathering supplies like large trash bags and boxes to help you wrangle unwanted items, and then dive in using the tips below.  

Go Room by Room 
This is the golden rule (and the ticket to holding on to your sanity!)—tackle one room at a time to keep the mess under control and avoid getting totally overwhelmed.  

Use the “Touch It Once” Rule 
Pick up each item and answer the following questions as quickly as you can:  

Have I used this in the past year? 

Does it bring me happiness? 

Is it in good condition? 

If the answer to these questions is no, it’s time to say goodbye. The trick to this method is to think fast so you don’t give yourself enough time to get overly sentimental. Pick it up once and quickly decide whether to keep it or toss it. You can do it. We believe in you.  

A woman sorting through clothes

Be Ruthless and Let go 
Following the “touch it once” rule, you’ll want to be pretty steely in your efforts to clear things out. As you go through it, separate your stuff into three piles: 

Keep: This is your “yes” pile. Yes, I’ve used it in the past year. Yes, it brings me joy. And yes, it’s in good condition. Yes, I need it to be a functioning adult. 

Donate/Sell: Items in good condition that you no longer need or that you have duplicates of. Give yourself a time limit if you’re trying to sell something on a secondhand marketplace, then take it to donation if it doesn’t sell within that period.  

Discard: Send broken, expired, or unwanted items straight to the trash (or recycling bin!).  

Remember, decluttering is about creating space for the things you really love. Show no mercy and enjoy the sense of liberation as you let go of what you no longer need. If you’re feeling sentimental about something, try snapping a picture to cherish before passing it along to someone else to enjoy.  

Organizational storage boxes

Step 2: Get Organized 

Decluttering is the tricky part, so give yourself a big high five for making it through. Now it’s time for the fun part! Getting organized and creating a system to keep everything in its proper place so you can feel good about your space. 

Start by planning how you’ll use your space:  

Assess your needs 
Before you get going, take a moment to figure out what storage solutions you already have, what items you use most frequently and need the easiest access to, and what needs to go where. This will give you a little plan of attack and help you make the best use of your resources.  

Sort your belongings into general categories like “sewing stuff,” or “craft supplies,” or “sports equipment.” This way, you can designate zones in your house where all these items will be stored together for easier access and a more streamlined look.  

Measure your spaces 
If you know you’ll need to pick up some extra storage shelves or containers, measure first. Knowing the dimensions of your shelves, drawers, and cabinets will ensure you’ve got the right tool for the job.  

Figure out what you’ll need to keep things organized:  

Opt for double-duty furniture 
Invest in furniture with built-in storage, like couches, coffee tables or beds with hidden storage compartments.  

Choose your containers 

The possibilities are endless where containers are concerned. Baskets, bins, and drawer organizers are go-to favorites for easy storage.  

Label boxes and bins 
Clear labels make finding things a breeze. Label everything that isn’t obvious. You’ll thank us later.  

Make use of vertical space 
Save floor space by making better use of your walls with shelves, hooks, and cabinets. This is especially helpful in smaller areas. 

Remember, organization is all about creating a system that works for you. Don’t be afraid to move stuff around as you figure out the best way to keep your space functional and visually appealing. 

A person cleaning a table

Step 3: Cleaning 

With the clutter gone and everything organized, cleaning is a breeze.  

Wipe down surfaces as you put things away to remove any lingering dust left over from the decluttering process. And if you’ve moved some furniture around, it’s a good time to sprinkle some attention on those areas that tend to be neglected, like baseboards and windowsills.  

Remember, now that the clutter is gone and everything has a designated spot, cleaning will be a maintenance task, not a major undertaking, so you can spend less time stressing about the mess and more time enjoying your space.  

Pantry organization

What are the best home organization products

While the best products depend on your specific needs and tastes, here’s a few of our favourite organization products to conquer clutter across the house.  

In the kitchen:  

Clear canisters—so it’s easy to see what’s inside.  

Labels—for stuff that looks like something else, ever mistake the cayenne for paprika? Stay safe and use labels! 

Pan organizers—for keeping the cookie sheets under control.  

Lazy Susans—they come in different sizes and are great for corner cupboards.  

In the bathroom:  

Clear over-the-door organizers—to quickly stash toiletries, cleaning supplies or even facecloths.  

Vanity organizers: to keep bathroom drawers well sorted for stress free mornings!  

In the living room:  

Magazine Holders: for taming magazines, books, and even toys.  

Ottoman with Storage: perfect for stowing away blankets, pillows, or even board games. 

Remember, it’s your space, so get creative and let your sense of style shine through. You can buy new or repurpose old items like shoeboxes or decorative tins for personalized storage solutions that won’t break the bank. The key is finding something to suit your style and maximize your space. 

Now brave reader, go forth and conquer your clutter! With this checklist as your guide, you’ll be well on your way to a blissed-out and totally organized home. Need extra storage space to stash seasonal items, sports gear, or all the things you can’t bear to part with? Mini Mall Storage has the storage solutions you need. Consult our size guide to find the perfect unit for your needs and call the Mini Mall Storage nearest you to get started. 

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