Ready, Set, Pack: Your Moving Day Checklist

Woman packing boxes with the Mini Mall Storage logo while getting ready to move

Moving to a new place is an exciting adventure, but sometimes it can also be quite a daunting task. But with the right strategies and preparation, you can turn moving stress into smooth sailing. At Mini Mall Storage, we not only offer convenient self storage solutions for your upcoming move, but also share our expert tips to make your move as effortless as possible. Let’s dive into our guide for a successful move from months ahead to the big day itself. 

Graphic describing 4 steps that can be taken in the months and weeks before moving: getting organized, taking inventory, determining your needs, and starting to pack.


Months (or Weeks) Before the Move: Ditch procrastination, plan ahead and lay the groundwork early: 

  1. Get Organized: Start by creating a moving binder or digital folder to keep track of essential documents, timelines, and checklists. This will serve as your reference hub for the following weeks. 
  2. Take Inventory: Go through your belongings and make a detailed inventory of what you plan to move. This step helps you identify items and call out any that may require extra care. 
  3. Determine Your Needs: Assess what logistical information, supplies, and services you’ll need for a smooth move. From packing materials to hiring movers, early planning ensures you’re fully prepared. 
  4. Start Packing: Begin packing items that you won’t need immediately. This could include seasonal items, keepsakes, and anything that can be packed in advance to save time later. 


The Month of the Move: With the big day coming up fast, shift your focus and fine-tune the details: 

  1. Choose Your Helpers: Do your research and decide how you’ll manage the move. Whether you’ll rock solo, bribe your friends with beer, or hire a professional moving company, solidify the plan accordingly. 
  2. Reserve a Storage Unit: Consider a self storage unit for seasonal items or furniture that won’t fit in your new pace. Mini Mall Storage offers convenient units you can reserve online in a few clicks. 
  3. Secure the Supplies: Having your supplies sorted early isn’t just a power move; it’s a game-changer that’ll make your move much smoother. From wardrobe boxes and packing tape to protective mattress bags and stretch wrap, Mini Mall has you covered for all your packing supply needs. 
  4. Set Up Utilities: Coordinate with utility companies to ensure that your new home will have essential services like electricity, water, and recycling up and running upon arrival. Remember to book your internet hook-up early; those appointments fill fast! 


The Week of the Move: As the final countdown begins, focus on the last-minute details to get the ball rolling: 

  1. Pack Essential Items: Pack your everyday essentials in a separate bag or box. Things like toiletries, clothing, important documents, and any items you use daily or need during the first few days in your new place. 
  2. Stowaway Keepsakes: Plan ahead and reserve a storage unit for collectibles, keepsakes, and other important items so you’re less stressed on moving day. Mini Mall’s climate controlled units are a great option for ensuring your sentimental items stay in pristine condition.  
  3. Plan Meals: Clear out your fridge and plan your meals for the week leading up to the move. This prevents food waste and ensures you can live off more than cold pizza during the busy move. 
  4. Update Your Address: Notify important folks about your change of address. This includes subscriptions, your bank, and official documents through the government. Mail forwarding can be set up through both the U.S. and Canadian post offices online as well!
  5. Final Check of Your Old Place: Before saying goodbye to your old home, do a thorough walkthrough to make sure you haven’t left anything behind—at least not by accident!
Woman wrapping fragile items in bubble wrap before packing for her move


Moving doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you approach it like a grandma with Christmas: way in advance and down to the detail. By following Mini Mall Storage’s expert moving tips, you can minimize stress and maximize the joy of a smooth transition.  

 Need help with your oversized belongings or other items that won’t move to your new place? Need extra space while you get settled or make renovations? Our self storage units come in convenient sizes, with flexible access hours and 24-hour security for peace of mind. Reserve your storage unit online today or call us to get started. 


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