A Mini Mall Guide to Climate Controlled Storage 

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When it comes to your favorite belongings, Mini Mall Storage knows you want the best protection from a storage unit, especially when it comes to temperature-sensitive items. That’s where our climate controlled storage units come into play. Climate controlled units go beyond the standard options, providing a secure haven for your valuables. If you’re just learning about climate control, don’t worry! Keep reading as we’ll explore what climate controlled storage is, the items that require it, and how to prepare your possessions for their cozy new home. 

What is Climate Controlled Storage? 

Climate controlled storage units at Mini Mall Storage are a game-changer for anyone seeking optimal conditions for their stored items. These units are equipped with heating, air-conditioning, or both, ensuring a consistent temperature range of about 13 to 17 degrees Celsius or 55 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. We like to think of these units as the helicopter parent or self storage—always keeping a watchful eye for safety. Whether you opt for a drive-up or indoor unit, we have a variety of sizes to choose from. 

Do You Need Climate Controlled Storage? 

While our standard storage units are suitable for many items, climate controlled storage becomes a necessity when you want to shield your belongings from extreme heat, cold, or sudden temperature shifts. If you’re aiming for the most comfortable and predictable storage experience and have items that are susceptible to weather-related damage, then climate controlled storage is the right choice for you. 

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What Belongs in Climate Controlled Storage? 

Furniture, Instruments, and Sentimental Items: 

Wooden or leather furniture is susceptible to warping and cracking in extreme temperatures, much like musical instruments, including string and woodwind instruments, which can experience changes in tone and structure. Also, sentimental items, from family heirlooms to cherished memories and photos, demand the utmost protection against temperature fluctuations. 

Collectibles and Artwork: 

Antiques, keepsakes, and art are prone to degradation and loss of value if exposed to varying temperatures. Moisture and drastic temperature changes pose a significant threat to artwork, making climate control crucial for preserving these valuable collectibles. 

Media, Books, and Electronics: 

DVDs, records, cassettes, VHS tapes, photos, film reels, negatives, and printed materials can suffer damage from heat, cold, or humidity. Electronics, including TVs, computers, gaming systems, stereos, and cameras, are particularly sensitive to prolonged exposure to high humidity and extreme temperatures, necessitating the benefits of climate controlled storage. 

Wine and Other Sensitive Items: 

With its specific storage requirements, wine retains quality best in a climate-controlled environment. Beyond that, items like certain medical supplies and business inventory also demand a controlled environment to maintain their integrity over time. 

climate controlled storage protects from extreme heat, cold, and humidity

Where is Climate Controlled Storage Most Important? 

Extreme Heat: 

Storage in areas experiencing scorching temperatures, especially during summer, calls for climate control. Items such as vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, electronics, and wooden furniture are vulnerable to damage from extreme heat. 

Extreme Cold: 

In regions with harsh winter conditions, climate-controlled storage is key. Wooden furniture may shrink and crack, while items retaining moisture can freeze. Protect your belongings from the detrimental effects of extreme cold with climate control. 

Extreme Humidity: 

Climate control is particularly vital in regions with high humidity levels. Electronics, artwork, photos, books, and other sensitive items are at risk of damage from excessive humidity. Choose climate control to create a stable environment for your stored belongings. 

Preparing Items for Climate Controlled Storage 

Now that you’ve discovered the importance of climate-controlled storage for your cherished items let’s get them ready for their chill new digs! 

Clean and Dry: 

Make sure all items are clean and dry before storing them to prevent nasty mold and mildew growth. We recommend wrapping items for protection from dust and any shifting that may occur as you load and store them. 

Disassemble Furniture: 

Disassemble large furniture items to maximize space and reduce the risk of damage during storage. Pro tip: Remove hardware, place the pieces in a sealed baggy, and tape it securely to the item it belongs to. You’re welcome! 

Use Proper Packaging: 

Sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and packing materials are ideal to protect fragile items. Reusing boxes from around the house or your local grocery store is great for the environment. If you need help with supplies for storing, check out our packing supplies. 

Label Boxes: 

Clearly label boxes with fragile items and keep an inventory for easy retrieval. While this can sometimes be time-consuming, you will thank yourself in the future. 

Ready to Get Storing 

Choosing climate controlled storage at Mini Mall Storage is an investment in the longevity and well-being of your cherished belongings. From furniture and instruments to collectibles and sentimental items, our climate-controlled units provide the perfect environment for your possessions.  

If you are still trying to decide whether your belongings need climate control, give us a call or send a message. Our storage experts are happy to help. We also have helpful guides on how to store clothing and books!

Find peace of mind and protect your items from extreme temperatures by renting a Mini Mall Storage climate controlled unit near you today! 

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