School’s out! Your Guide to Summer Storage for College Students 

For many students, summer break means returning home or heading off on some sort of travel-filled adventure (oh, to be young and free!)—and that means leaving behind a dorm room or apartment full of belongings, which is not the most safe and secure option out there. Enter Mini Mall Storage. It just so happens we have summer storage units for students that give you a convenient and flexible way to keep your items safely stowed until the fall semester starts again.  

Students that are moving into their dorm room

Why is Storage Important for Students?  
Short-term self-storage is a great option for college and university students for a couple of reasons:  

  1. Your Digs are Temporary 
    Most students don’t stay on campus during the summer. Storage is a much more practical solution than contending with the limited space at home and the hassle of hauling everything back and forth while you’re on break.  
  1. Security(!) 
    Leaving all your stuff in a dorm room, apartment, or other off-campus housing situation over the summer can be risky. It might sound like the most convenient option because there’s no packing or lifting involved, but leaving all your belongings unattended for that long can result in damage or theft, even in the best circumstances. Storage facilities offer a secure place to stash all your stuff where no one else can access it.  
  1. Convenience 
    Storage unit rental terms are flexible and convenient, so you can rent for only as long as you need. And renting a storage unit lets you keep your gear close to campus, making the move-in process for the new semester much easier. No more driving or flying for hours back from Mom and Dad’s only to discover that you left your laptop on their couch. Doh! 
Textbooks in a library

What Can You Store? 
Think that just because you’re not permanently settled, you won’t have anything to store? It’s actually pretty standard to accumulate a bunch of stuff throughout the academic year. Here are some of the most common items students choose to stash in a storage locker:  

Books and Supplies: Textbooks, notebooks, and other academic materials.

Clothing: Seasonal clothes, shoes, and accessories.  

Electronics: TVs, computers, gaming consoles, and small kitchen appliances.  

Furniture: Desks, chairs, futons, beds, dressers, and small tables. 

Personal Items: Bedding, decorations, and memorabilia. 

Sports gear: Bikes, hockey equipment, scooters, skis, snowboards, etc.  

So, pretty much everything you own can go into temporary storage over the summer—freeing you up to do whatever you want to do and go wherever you want to go.  

Mini Mall Storage Units

Self-Storage for Students is the Clear Choice  

Apart from why you need it and what you can store, there are a couple of other benefits to choosing an actual self-storage unit to hide your stuff, as opposed to Mom & Dad’s basement, your cousin’s musty old shed, or like, the back of your van: 

Accessibility: Many storage facilities have drive-up units to make accessing your stuff as simple as possible. And many are even conveniently located near college campuses, so you don’t have to travel far to get to your goods.  

Affordability: Storage units are more affordable than you might think. And many storage companies offer student discounts or have special promotional rates for summer storage.  

Variety of Sizes: Storage units come in various sizes, so you can choose one that fits your needs and budget. Our handy size calculator can help you figure out exactly how much space you need, or you can check out the guidelines below.  

The Most Popular Storage Unit Sizes for Students 

Ah, fit. It’s essential. You don’t want to pay for an oversized unit with more space than you really need, so check out this quick guide to common storage unit sizes and what they can hold.  

5×5 Unit: Ideal when you don’t have a ton of stuff and just need to stash small items such as boxes, books, and personal items. 

5×10 Unit: Can accommodate small furniture, some boxes, and a few small kitchen appliances. 

10×10 Unit: Suitable for the contents of a small studio apartment, including furniture and larger appliances. 

10×15 Unit: Perfect for a one-bedroom apartment’s contents, including all your furniture, like that dope futon you bought at a garage sale, and multiple boxes.  

As summer approaches, consider the benefits of using a storage unit to keep your goods safe and organized. From small 5×5 units for personal items to larger 10×15 units for furniture and electronics, there’s a storage solution tailored to your needs. Not only will this make your move-out process smoother, but it will also provide peace of mind knowing that your items are secure over the summer break. Contact us today to learn more about storage for students or to reserve a unit. Happy summer storing!  

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