A Deep Dive into the Do’s & Dont’s of Collectible Comic Book Storage 

Storing comics and collectibles with Mini Mall Storage

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, proper storage is essential to preserving the value and condition of any comic book collection. From handling to choosing containers to humidity control—every detail can impact the condition and value of your inventory. In this Mini Mall Storage guide, we’ll explore the dos and don’ts of comic book storage so you can ensure your prized possessions remain in pristine shape for years to come.  

Mini Mall Storage comic book collectible storage advice

The Do’s of Comic Book Storage  

Here are a few guidelines and best practices to protect your books: 

Do Wash Your Hands First  
Unseen oils and dirt on your skin are easily transferred and can stain or degrade the pages over time. Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling.  

Do Use Acid-Free Backing Boards 
Unlike regular paper or cardboard, which release damaging acids, acid-free backer boards are made to neutralize and prevent acid deterioration. Using acid-free boards also fends off yellowing and fading, while ensuring the pages stay straight and don’t bend in storage.  

Do Store Each Book Inside a Plastic Cover 
Many regular plastics contain PVC, which release gases that can lead to paper degradation over time. Instead, choose archival plastic bags made with polyethylene or polypropylene. Archival bags will also protect your comics from dust and moisture.  

Do Inspect Regularly  
Inspect each comic before storing it, taking care to repair any damage, and remove all dirt, debris or foreign objects like paper clips or stickie notes. Check-in periodically so you can spot issues early on.  

Do Store Them in a Dark Place  
Exposure to direct sunlight will eventually degrade the ink and paper. Store your comics in a dark place, preferably in boxes, or on furniture specially designed to hold them. 

Do Monitor Temperature & Humidity  
Temperature and humidity fluctuations will cause the paper to expand and contract. Aim for a cool and stable temperature between 60 and 70 F (15 to 21 C) and a humidex between 40 and 50% max. You’ll also need adequate ventilation to ensure good air quality to prevent musty odors. Climate-controlled storage is a great option for safeguarding your collection. 

Do Elevate Boxes 
No matter what you’re putting in long-term storage, it’s a good idea to get it up off the ground using wooden pallets. Even if the risk of flooding is practically non-existent, concrete and cement flooring is porous, and items placed directly on the ground can easily absorb the moisture coming up from the earth below. 

Mini Mall Storage comic book storage advice

The Don’ts of Comic Book Collection Storage 

Now that you know the basic do’s, let’s go over some definite nopes for maintaining the value of your collection.  

Don’t Overhandle  
Enjoyment is important, but if you’re aiming for mint, you’ll want to keep the handling of individual comics to a minimum. And don’t forget to wash your hands first. 

Don’t Stack  
Many people think comic books should be stored flat to stay flat. However, most archivists agree that the best way to avoid stressing the binding is to store them upright in an archival-safe box and ensure they’re properly supported so they don’t fall over or droop to one side.   

Don’t Keep Them Loose  
Avoid stacking comics in a loose pile or tucking them in with the other books on your bookshelf. Your collection will do best if it’s treated with respect and stacked and stored carefully.  

Don’t Underestimate Environmental Factors  
Any paper-based collection will be vulnerable to fluctuations or extremes in the storage environment. A damp basement can lead to mildewy odors and rusted staples. A dry, airy attic can cause pages to become brittle. Humidity can cause warping. For the best results, choose a cool, dry place that is out of direct sunlight, and doesn’t experience temperature fluctuations. 

Don’t Forget About Pest-proofing  
Another reason the basement might not be the best place to store your collection is the presence of pests like insects and rodents that could damage your collection or spread dust and debris. Use pest deterrents, if necessary, but avoid chemical-based solutions as they can cause damage of their own. 

TL/DR: Handle with care, use proper packaging techniques, and opt for climate-controlled storage.  

Your comic book collection is more than just a hobby—it’s a valuable treasure trove of stories and memories. By following these simple guidelines, you can protect your investment and keep your comics pristine for generations. Remember, a little care goes a long way in preserving the magic of your favorite heroes and villains. Mini Mall Storage understands how important it is to keep your valuables safe and sound, that’s why we our locations have cool, stable environments that are temperature- and humidity- controlled to ensure that all your sensitive belongings are not damaged by extreme conditions, like freezing winter weather or sweltering heat waves. We also use unique passcode gate systems and record our facilities 24/7 with advanced security tech so you’ll have peace of mind. Contact us today to rent a unit near you.  

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