Why Self-Storage is Your Secret Weapon for a Smooth Move 

Getting ready for a big move but feeling overwhelmed by clutter? Dreading the packing process as you try to figure out what you’ll need in your new space? Moving can be a stressful and chaotic experience, but Mini Mall Storage has your secret weapon. Keep reading for pro storage tips to help you enjoy a calmer, more organized move.  

A person packing books into a box to put in their storage unit at Mini Mall Storage

Declutter Before You Move 
Stuff accumulates. It happens to everyone. It starts innocently enough, but before you know it, you’re buried in Beanie Babies, and you can’t find the cat. Just us? Jokes aside, there are bound to be some items in your home you don’t really need and could be sold or donated to someone who will make good use of them. Start checking things off your moving day checklist by sorting your belongings and keeping only what you actually use. Sell or donate the rest, minimizing what you pack and potentially lowering moving costs. 

Use temporary storage as your decluttering ally. There are a couple of ways to go about doing this:  

  1. Pack and store all your “keep” items as you decide, prepping them for the big move and then tucking them away until the moving truck is ready to pick them up.  
  1. Use the storage space to prep unwanted items for easier donation or selling. Sorting and storing all the items that won’t come with you to the new house gives you more time and space to deal with potential buyers.  

Having clear separation between what’s staying and going can also reduce moving day confusion, ensuring only the intended items make it to your new home. 

A couple picking up a chair to move to their storage unit

Freeing up Space in Multiple Homes 
There are some obvious challenges to sorting, sifting, decluttering, and packing up a home that you’re currently living in, and those problems multiply when you’re merging households. Temporary storage eases the squeeze! 

Consolidate belongings: Use your storage unit as a central hub to sort and combine items from both homes, identify duplicates and make decluttering decisions together to streamline your belongings before they overwhelm your new place. 

Stagger deliveries: Snagged an amazing deal on furniture, but your new home isn’t quite ready? No sweat! Stash it in temporary storage for a stress-free delivery and bring it over when your new space is ready. 

This breathing room keeps the move organized and lets you focus on creating your dream home together. 

two movers from a moving company moving a piece of furniture to Mini Mall Storage

Make packing & unpacking a breeze 
Decluttering before packing is a game-changer. Not only does it streamline the packing process, but it also empowers you to control your moving timeline. Using storage, you can tackle packing at your own pace, avoiding the stress of last-minute decisions and chaos.  

Plus, unpacking is easier too!  With temporary storage, you can keep your new space clear while you think about your new home’s ideal layout and unpack gradually. This gives you the freedom to focus on essentials and create the perfect atmosphere in your new space, without being overwhelmed by boxes. 

A picture of three orange storage unit doors at the Mini Mall Storage facility

Bonus: Hacks for a Smooth Move and Stress-Free Storing  
Ready to level up your storing skills and make your temporary storage experience even smoother? Here are our top tips for stellar storage organization.  

  1. Label Like a Pro: Moving and packing supplies like tape, markers, and labels are a small expense with big benefits. Ditch the cryptic scribbles and use bold, easy-to-read labels that include the contents of the box and the room it belongs to. This will save you precious time and frustration when you need to find something specific later.  
  1. Tap into your Tetris skills: Time for a game of storage unit Tetris! Maximize space by disassembling furniture like tables so they can be stored flat up against a wall, packing boxes neatly, using as much vertical space as possible, and storing long bulky items like couches or mattresses on their side to maximize floor space.  
  1. Take an Organized Approach: Don’t just throw everything in the unit and hope for the best! Create a systematic layout for easy access to all your essentials by grouping similar items together, leaving a walking path for easy navigation, and putting all the items you’ll need first at the very front of your storage unit.  
  1. Get Colorful: If you really want to take your organization to the next level, try using extra-large, color-coded labels. Assign a specific color to each room in your new home and use those colors on your storage boxes. This creates a visual map of where everything belongs, making unpacking a snap.  
  1. Create an Inventory List: Having a detailed list of where everything is can help you keep track of what’s where, especially for those less frequently accessed boxes that contain that thing you didn’t think you’d need but actually can’t live without. 

By following these tips, you can transform your temporary storage unit from a chaotic jumble into a neat and orderly safe space for your belongings while you transition into your new home. Take the stress out of the big move with the help of Mini Mall Storage. Our self storage units come in convenient sizes, with flexible access hours and 24-hour security for peace of mind. Ready to reserve a unit? Call us to get started!  

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