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01 Dec
MMSP Expands Operations to the U.S.

Mini Mall Storage Properties December 1st, 2021 MMSP Expands Operations to the U.S. We are pleased to announce that our Mini Mall Storage Properties Trust (MMSP Trust) will expand into the United States. The expansion is a continuation of the overall plan to position MMSP Trust to acquire self-storage properties in attractive secondary markets across...

18 Oct
Easy RV Storage Ideas & Hacks for Winter

Mini Mall Storage Properties October 18th, 2021 The fall season generally marks the end of outdoor camping activities across Canada. The below-zero temperatures at night are enough for people to pack it in and prepare for a few cozy months indoors. We know you’d RV all year long if you could, but unfortunately our climate...

17 Aug
How to Flip Your Storage Unit for Winter

Mini Mall Storage Properties August 17th, 2021 The older we get, the more ‘stuff’ we seem to accumulate. Sure, some of it may be unnecessary, but a lot of it helps us live the lives we want, allowing us to go camping, spend time at the beach, or enjoy our backyards. These items may not...

13 Jul
Storing Furniture: What You Need to Know

— July 13th, 2021 That desk you love but have no room for can still be in your life again, if you give it a safe home in your self-storage unit. So can your favourite chair, which needs to move out while you renovate your living room. They can even stay in an unheated unit...

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