Chaos to Calm: Top Practical Home Organization Products 

Have you been on the journey of having an organized home? It can seem overwhelming navigating the depths of your cluttered closet, digging through utensil drawers, or simply trying to find the calm in the chaos. We’ve got the solutions you have been wanting, discover products that don’t only enhance your living spaces but provide functionality.  

Discover our favorite products below!  

Space Saving Living Room Organization

Gone are the days of accidentally sitting on one of your kids’ toys or losing the TV remote in the depths of couch cushions. The key to easily organizing your living room is additional storage spaces that are disguised as beautiful furniture and accent pieces. These are our go to products for your living room organization goals:  

Multipurpose Coffee Table 

This coffee table does it all! Not only do you get additional storage space but if you work from home or are looking for a more comfortable spot to use your laptop, this table is equipped with an adjustable desk.  

Price: $189.99 

The Perfect Storage Basket   

Stop looking for the perfect storage basket for your living room, this extra-large jute basket can hold all your throw pillows and blankets. Double this space saver as a decorative item in your home with its stunning design.  

Price: $36.99 

The Living Room Storage Cabinet of Your Dreams   

This stylish living room storage cabinet is your solution to more space. Add your book collection, upgrade your junk drawer, and hide your kid’s art supplies in this sleek cabinet. 

Price: $159.99 

Practical Kitchen Organization 

Get ready to be excited when you reach for a pot lid and don’t have to dig around for it and say goodbye to the frustration of closing your kitchen cabinet drawer only to have it stop mid close because a can opener was put in wrong.  

Bamboo Utensil Organizer 

We all know how annoying it is opening your utensil drawer and it’s a cluttered mess. It becomes hard to close because you put a can opener in wrong or you can’t even open the drawer because a fork is stuck on the lip of the drawer. This bamboo utensil organizer is not only beautiful but functional too.  

Price: $39.97 

Kitchen Sink Organizer 

See you later dirty and wet counter tops! The sink caddy is here to save the day. Organize your favorite dishwashing products in this caddy, it holds your sponge, eco-friendly pot scrubbers, and dish soap. It also features a draining tray!  

Price: $27.99 

Cabinet Organizers for Your Kitchen 

Get the most out of your kitchen cabinets with this simple to install pullout organizer. The perfect solution to keeping your kitchen tools such as your blender or bread maker in an easily accessible location.  

Price: $38.99 

The Bathroom Aesthetic You Need 

There is something about walking into a bathroom that gives you spa vibes, you can achieve this in your own home without sacrificing storage space!  

Bathroom Sink Shelf Organizer 

Add your skincare routine, favorite lotions, and makeup on this acrylic bathroom countertop organizer.  

Price: $28.89 

Practical Towel Storage for the Bathroom 

This towel rack for your bathroom is the ideal solution to having your towels in a convenient place. The best part about this adjustable towel rack is the bottom that prevents the towels from falling out. It also features a shelf on the top for your washcloths or decor, and hooks on the bottom to hang body scrubbers, hand towels, or wet face clothes.  

Price: $32.99 

The Hair Tool Organizer You’ve Been Asking For 

Bye cords and clutter! Add this hair tool organizer under your sink for easy storage for your blow dryer, flat iron, and curler. It features three stainless steel cups, so you don’t have to worry about putting your tools in while still hot.   

Price: $39.99 

Make The Bedroom Your Oasis  

Take back your space and make your bedroom a place for more than just sleeping. These products can be used to easy storage in your bedroom and are easily transferrable if you need to put items like your seasonal clothes in storage.  

Fabric Storage Box  

Use these storage boxes in your closet to put away seasonal clothing in style or hide away your belts in one location. What makes these storage boxes especially useful is that if you plan to move and will need to put them in storage, they are already ready to be stored with the items inside which Eliminates one more thing to pack.

Price: $41.99 

Under the Bed Storage 

What we love about this under the bed storage is that you can use it for anything! There are three sections and a label on the outside to keep everything organized. Plus, it has wheels! 

Price: $66.99  

Full Length Mirror with Storage 

A full-length mirror is a must have in any bedroom, but what if it also had storage to keep your jewelry, makeup, and your other favorite items. This mirror makes it easy to keep things organized and in a secure location while adding value to your bedroom.  

Price: $299.99 

Garage Goals

Pull up to a garage that is perfectly organized, and you can find everything when you need it. Garage organization is underrated but it is so needed!  

Ceiling Mount Claw Bike Hook  

Not looking for a bike rack to take up space in your garage? No problem, this ceiling mounted claw bike hook is a great alternative. It clasps onto the tire of your bike and will hang it from the roof. 

Price: $44.99 

Metal Storage Cabinet 

This metal storage cabinet for your garage has everything! Inside you will find a pegboard, multiple shelves, hooks, and even a digital lock for the outside. You can get very creative with what you will store in this cabinet.  

Price: $357.84 

Metal Pegboard 

We know pegboards are common in garages but let’s step it up a notch. The metal pegboard is not only more durable than the traditional pegboard but can handle a lot more weight. When it comes to garage storage this is a resounding must have. Place hooks in for various items such as holding your broom, tools, and so much more.  

Price: $86.16 

Are You Ready?  

Are you ready to transform your space into everything you have always dreamed of? We’ve curated these products not just for organization but to give you valuable storage solutions that will simplify your life. Whether it is getting the most out of your living room, bathroom, bedroom, or garage, these items are sure to bring functionality and style to your home.  

If you still find yourself overwhelmed with the clutter around your home and don’t want to get rid of anything, use self storage! Mini Mall Storage offers a variety of storage unit options to fit all your needs at an affordable price.  

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