Where do you even start when looking for storage?

With choice, convenience, and compassion.

We know it’s more than ‘just’ storage. It’s a life transition. It’s working through change. And when you need to find a space to securely store your treasured belongings, you want it to be easy.

Start here. We’ll make it simple

  1. What are you storing? If your belongings are sensitive to weather, consider a climate-controlled storage unit to better protect your items.
  2. Then, Start with our size guide and find the best options for what you need.
  3. Once you have an idea of the space, learn how to pack your items for storing over time with tips to keep your belonging in their best shape.
  4. Now, you know exactly what you need and how to get started, explore self-storage near you and shop supplies at your local Mini Mall Storage.
  5. And once you’re ready to move your belongings into storage, read how to best prepare and pack your unit.

P.S. Small Business? Learn how to organize your inventory with self-storage.

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40+ years experience

Limited Industry knowledge

Month-to-month leases

Fixed lease terms

24-hour coded gate access

Restricted basic access

Simple self-storage near you

Further away from town

Chain of locations for easy moving

Single or fewer locations

Compassionate Storage Concierges

Basic customer service

Affordable flexible rates based on demand

Firm rates

Randomly generated access code for greater security

Lower security measures

*Available storage options and features at your local Mini Mall Storage facility may vary.

**Based on the alternative average service at other self-storage locations in similar markets.


In the United States, Jimmy Carter becomes the 39th President, George Lucas’ Star Wars premieres, and Steve Jobs’ Apple II Computer goes on sale.

In Calgary, Canada, Joe Giuffre rebrands a mini-warehousing facility into self-storage… and Mini Mall Storage is born.
From opening our first orange doors in Calgary more than 40 years ago to the beginning of our expansion in 2020, our mom-and-pop ethos is still engrained in how we do business. Always personable, compassionate, and helping you find the right storage for your need.
With a bigger team, more industry experts, and cutting-edge technology at our disposal, storing at a Mini Mall Storage facility near you is as good as it gets. Affordable, secure, and accessible.
So if you need commercial or residential self-storage, know it’s simple. We make storing your belongings seamless — pull up, load or unload, then lock ‘n’ roll! No sweat.

Our customers Trust our 40+ years’ experience…

Now, are you ready to make the change?

Or if you need a little more advice, call to speak to a knowledgeable Storage Concierge at your local Mini Mall Storage.